American Idol: Who Went Home

Send Cheer Up EcardsThe American Idol is slowly inching towards the final stages. There’s a fair amount of tension and the suspense level will progressively go up every night the show is aired. This week on American Idol, two contestants were voted out. There was some tension at my pad as well. When Jasmine was declared unsafe a gasp went out from my two friends who are more sure to turn up than maybe even the contestants! They were happy that she was given an opportunity to sing again and give it a shot at impressing the judges. But neither Jasmine, nor Adrian or Irina, found any luck here. The judges declared that it was the end of Jasmine’s journey on American Idol Season 8.

Of the two other contestants, Adrian was sure Anoop would be the one who’ll get the boot. But that was not to be. He survived and Jorge was asked to leave. Adrian was upset at this. He liked the performance of Jorge more than he liked Anoop’s and though Irina, thought the right decision has been made, Adrian stuck to his point. I sided with Irina. I didn’t really like what I saw of Jorge. I don’t think very highly of Anoop as well, but between the two of them, I’d say the right decision was taken. Do you agree with me on this? Are you happy at the way American Idol Season 8 is heading? Leave your comments.


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