“Back In The Saddle”

Send Love Ecards“I’m back in the saddle!” were the first words I heard early morning. Apparently after a great Valentine’s Day, Adrian is convinced that his life has taken a turn and now he’s living a dream. He’s found love. The only hiccup seems to be that he’s not making any headway in terms of career but that has hardly been a concern for Adrian! He’s ecstatic that Cathy is with him and he’s sure that things will shape up as unexpectedly as his love life.

To keep his jubilant mood company he’s blaring the Aerosmith song “Back in the Saddle” at full blast early morning. I had a mind to tick him off, but then I didn’t want to interrupt his morning serenade in Cathy’s honor. Kong didn’t seem to be having any problems as well. So I decided to keep quiet about it. Would you believe it guys that after listening to it groggily for some time, I began to enjoy “Back in the Saddle” as well, and I’m an Aerosmith fan anyway. So what started as a full-volume song in the wrong time, actually lifted my mood up. When I stepped out for work, I had a spring in my feet!

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