Are You A Randi Rhodes Show Fan?

Send Stress Buster EcardsFixing his jeep is Rick’s favorite hobby. It’s his movie show, orchestra and theater all rolled into one. His passion for cars equal and sometimes exceed his care for Kaitlin, though she understands it perfectly. Megan told me that Kaitlin was talking to her how Rick misses listening to the Randi Rhodes show, which is a great stress buster for him. I don’t really follow it and I didn’t know that it has been taken off air because of some problems with Randi Rhodes and the Nova M Radio.

Listening to the radio while doing his work is something Rick takes considerable pride in, and like every true artist, he’s finicky when he does not get the ideal conditions required for his work to flourish. He’s complained about missing the Randi Rhodes show. While I go about it, for all of those out there who want to know how Rick and Kaitlin are getting along, things are going great! There’s less of quarrel and more of bonhomie. That is what I picked up from Megan.

But, I think I noted a tone of apprehension in her voice. When I asked her if she really means they are okay, Megan raised the suspense levels and told me that she’ll talk about it when we meet some time soon. I’m curious to know. What could it be?


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