A Romantic Fairytale


Yes, they still happen and there’s no reason for you to stop having faith in them. I didn’t believe in them too, but when I got to know what Frank and Eleanor did this Valentine’s Day, I reiterated my faith in love stories. And by the time you finish reading this, you’ll be convinced like me, too.

This Valentine’s Day, Frank took Eleanor to a senior citizen’s club. There were many old couples like them. “We are past our prime, Bob,” Eleanor told me while she narrated what happened, “So we find a lot of company in each other’s presence. There was a small band playing all the classic hits, songs we grew up with. Suddenly Frank asked me for a dance!” Her eyes lit up at the mention of that very special moment.”And then?” I urged her to continue. “Then we danced to a couple of songs, mostly waltz!” My eyes were wide-open with wonder and amazement. “When we came to the end of it, he slipped out a ring from his chest pocket, went down on his knee and held it up to me! Would you believe that Bob?” I nodded my head. While I did that, she held up her left ring finger. The symbol of their love was proudly shining on it.

What more can I say? Let me know if you feel as happy about it as all of us here!


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