Inspirational Mondays: Happy President’s Day!

Send Inspiration EcardsIt’s nice to have a holiday on a Monday, don’t you think? After Valentine’s Day and the late night partying (it didn’t happen for me, read my last post to know what happened to me!), having a federal holiday is nothing short of a blessing. I am going to laze around today and get some work done. President’s Day this year is extra-special because we have a new President who’s not completed a month in office as yet. Problems are all around us and we are all hoping to turn the tide in our favor, sooner than later.

But, recently I have noted that people are taking the change bit rather seriously without actually doing anything themselves to make it happen. It would be rather foolish if we wait for things to happen instead of participating in it ourselves. Nothing would come out of it if we don’t do our bit. Here’s an inspirational quote for you, and today being President’s Day, this one’s from the President we have in office, Barrack Obama: “… greatness is never a given. It must be earned.” Be inspired. Stay inspired.


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