My Valentine’s Day Date!


After much deliberations, I decided to do something that was on my mind. Okay, you can blame me for not sharing it with you, but the plans were so tentative that I did not want to splash out the details only to end up looking like a fool. All night I lay thinking about it and by the morning I had made up my mind. I made the call really early because I was not sure my plan would see the light of day after all. Martina answered her phone promptly.

I started in a normal tone. I wish I could talk about the weather, but that just dries up in my mouth really. Martina asked me casually, “So what are you doing this Valentine’s Day, Mr. Editor?” I got my cue. “What are you doing Martina?” She replied that she was not doing anything and I jumped at the opportunity. “Would you like to go out with me?” There was complete silence for about ten seconds. And then she replied, “Sure! What time?”

But I was back rather early from my date. Hear me out and you’ll find the answers to your queries. But first, how was your Valentine’s Day? Hope you guys had a fabulous time. I’d really want to know how things turned out at your end. Okay, enough of side-stepping the issue. This is what happened:

It started off well. She turned up in an exquisite red gown. We went to Chez Oskar, one of my most favorite French bistros on this side of the Atlantic. It was specially decorated because of the Valentine’s Day. We began it well. We talked about a lot of stuff, including my work. She showed a lot of interest in the reader community I was trying to build up on Facebook. I wanted to steer clear of topics related to work but she didn’t allow us to divert from that.

Then she took a call on her phone. I looked the other way, trying to give her as much privacy as I could, despite us sitting close. She put down her phone and clutched her bag. I looked up with a blank expression. “Look Bob, it’s bad timing, but I have to go!” And before I could speak, she was gone! Yes, you read it correct! She was actually gone in a flash, without any explanation. What could this mean? Was it an emergency? I have no idea. I tried calling, but couldn’t get through. I’ll keep you updated about this rather mysterious turn of events. But what do you think happened?


5 thoughts on “My Valentine’s Day Date!

  1. I am so sorry Bob! my first instinct is to think she got a call from the person with whom she wanted to spend valentine’s day with. tat was very rude of her and mean! she should have come clean with you. Now she’ll probably come up with some lame excuse so she won’t look bad. I believe if it had been an emergency she would’ve told you on the spot. I am so sorry Bob……..

  2. I can’t understand why she had to be soo dishonest .If she had something else going for her she should have been straight with you.
    I believe that, that train was not for you.You deserve something much better than that.Someone to love you for who you are.Don’t you ever loose hope.
    There are some really good women out there…

  3. Bob ,sorry about it..but may be there was an emergency n too urgent that she didnt have time to explain…thats my guess …will be waiting to know what really happened…..sorry n take care

  4. B. I was crushed to hear of your Valentine date with Martina. She should try to at least explain a little as to why she had to leave you. Even if it was an emergency. So odd you haven’t been able to get through to her. It hurts me to hear that you had a sad time of it on Valentine’s Day. You, who have been so up on this holiday and helping all those people who want your advice of how to have a good time on this holiday of the heart . My Valentine’s Day was great, but you made it even more fun when I was able to share with you and your fans on how I was going to spend my Valentine’s Day. Typing it in the computer gives me a thrill in looking at all the things I am fortunate to have in my life. I sort of stand back and observe in order to organize all of it. I wish I could do something in return for you as a token of my gratitude for your amazing Newsletters, Blogs and Know-how. If you need to let it out, I’m around. L.

  5. Hmmmmmmm… thought on why Martina left so urgently….maybe a phone call from someone she had been seeing, and he decided to call her to see what she was doing for Valentine’s Day, and of course he wanted to see her. Why else would she leave without an explanation? A good friend of mine had that happen to her, and she was left shell shocked. I think Martina should have been honest with you, told you what the call was about, and stayed out of respect for you, but at the same time I am sure Bob you would have told her to go and do what she needed to do. My thoughts for what they are worth…..

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