Are You Super Bowl Crazy?

Send Super Bowl EcardsA lot of you guys know that my friend Rick is Super Bowl crazy. He’s already stocking up his pad with beer and snacks for Tampa Bay. Texas winning against Ohio State at the Fiesta Bowl even after conceding a lead, turned Rick’s enthusiasm to the highest notch! He’s waiting with feverish anticipation for the Super Bowl to come calling.

Do you follow football? What’s your favorite sport? Do you think Super Bowl is just hype? Holla back, because I want to know what you have to say!


7 thoughts on “Are You Super Bowl Crazy?

  1. Nope, football is not my game. I think it is too rough. I prefer games that need skills and thinking and a pleasure to watch. I like the Olympics because most of the games there I like.

  2. I do not like American football but I like the other kind of football, soccer. It is very popular. During the time of World Cup anywhere with a TV is packed.

  3. I like the World Cup too. Some people travel around the planet to watch. Unfortunately I could not afford the time and the money. I could only watch at home, and buy the lottery, hoping that one day I win and could manage to go.

  4. Every year for the Super Bowl my church holds a Super Bowl party. Although, football is not my thing, during that time those people who are not interested in football have other options. There is a game room set up and a place where the kids can play with toys and another room where a lot of the women sit and talk and scrapbook. It’s really a lot of fun.

  5. Hey there – I am a 67 yr. young female and I LOVE FOOTBALL. I raised a Son who loved Football, race cars of all kind and really any Sport. My dear husband hated sports, so good ole Mom got to do the sports thing, so I do love all sports, including the Olympics. Keep up the good work Editor Bob. You’re the BEST.

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