Kick Your Winter Woes Away by Cuddling Up!

Send Cuddle Up Day EcardsI read a report the other day that said people are more sad now than ever before. That there’s a worldwide depression going on. Maybe it’s because of winter but ya know what? You can take the day off and just cuddle up with your hubby, lover, significant other, etc. And you have the perfect excuse because today is Cuddle Up Day! I love these whacky days, don’t you? Chime in and tell me your best cuddling strategy!


6 thoughts on “Kick Your Winter Woes Away by Cuddling Up!

  1. My boyfriend is tall. I like to attack him from his back when he sits, throw my arms around him and put my weight on him. This is the time he is least likely to attack me!

  2. I like the cuddle from my nephew. He was so tiny and I had to bend down to greet him. He would throw his hands around my neck. Sometimes he greeted me by hanging onto my legs. That was the best cuddle.

  3. Be patient in winter time, but do prepare well and work hard. There is an old saying from somewhere, I forget from where, “the palace looks beautiful but it is cold to stay up at the top”. It is not easy to get up there, but it is even more difficult to stay there.

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