Had An Argument? Get Her To Talk To You Again!

Send Bubble Bath Day EcardsDid you recently have an argument with your wife or significant other? My friend Rick did. And you know how he got her to start talking again? Yup, Bubble Bath! Read about the story here.

I’m telling you guys, start with flowers, move up to bubble baths, and don’t forget to cuddle! Like my romantic ideas? Do you want more of them? Let me know!


10 thoughts on “Had An Argument? Get Her To Talk To You Again!

  1. If a girl really likes a guy, she would not let him become embarrassed in front of his friends or other people. She would prefer not to disturb his work or his thoughts (if she is clear about his work). She would try to meet her guy whenever possible rather than asking him to come to her when he is busy. Love should not be total sacrifice from one side. It is about how the two people try to fit into each other’s life.

  2. My girlfriend and I reconciliated when she told me this: “I want you to be what you should be and do what you should do rather than trying to please me. I want you to be the same person as I have ever loved you. Carry on with your work and your friends. I want you to be yourself, that is the person I love. I love you just the way you are (and have been).”

  3. I agree with Frankie’s girlfriend. Love is about the two persons taking care of each other’s welfare and well being. I do not like my boyfriend sacrificing for me. I would want him to have the best that he deserves in every way.

  4. It is important that one do not overdo for the other in a relationship. The two should feel comfortable and happy together. Each has its own space and yet fit into the other like a puzzle ‘naturally’.

  5. It seems I have been doing the wrong things all the time. I wake up everyone in the house in the morning when I get up. My noise is troubling them at work. Then when they go to bed, I am always holding them up because of my light. I really want to apologize to them. What should I send them?

  6. I am glad that Frankie accepts what I tell him. I really love him just the way he is. I do not expect anything more from him because he is already the best gift to me. I wish I could be more helpful and less troublesome to him.

  7. B. I do like your romantic ideas of flowers, bubble bath and especially the cuddling. It is so important to simply touch the person you love. Make it a daily gesture. Even just holding hands while you walk together. Or kissing your partner when they least expect it and saying, “I love you” everyday. L.

  8. hello sir,
    I’m stuck in a very great problem. I used to have 2 friends, both of them are girls . One treats me as a friend and other treats me as a friend . we were very close to each other, but since long time I feel they are avoiding me. They mix up with my best friend who is a boy. Actually the problem started when my best friend told about my past girlfriend to the girl who treats me as a brother……but the other girl don’t know about it. But when we all four gather together , they pay more attention on my best friend. So, can you help me with this because before telling about my girlfriend they used to mix up more with me, but its totally reverse……please help me with this…..

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