Strangers with Candy

Send Halloween Thank You Ecards!Do you realize that Halloween is the only event where we accept candy from strangers? Our little ghouls and goblins go from door to door Trick and Treating and this is the time of the year that we meet our neighbors. I hope you had a safe and fun one. We had a great Halloween party at my place. Both the kids and the grown ups really enjoyed it!

We decorated my apartment with the help of Adrian and Berka, the witch from the far East to spook all our guests, and neighborhood Trick n’ Treating little ghosts. Megan got apples and organized apple bobbing for the kids. Needless to say, the big kids got involved later on too! We put Rick in charge of the bar where he concocted a greenish non-alcoholic punch for the little goblins. For the “grown up” ghouls, he made very colorful alcoholic drinks that look like they came out of Dr. Frankenstein’s lab! We had test tube shot glasses, and other special glassware. We had lots of snacks like deviled eggs and sausages etc. Mrs. Bradley brought spooky cookies decorated with spiders on top.

Speaking of goblins, I know all of you are wondering if I wore a costume or not. Well, I did. Since it was a last minute thing, I put on a suit and some makeup and dressed up as Joker in honor of Heath Ledger. We had a blast and the grown up party didn’t end until two o’clock or so. After some minor clean up, I got online for a bit and went to sleep. I didn’t get out of bed until late afternoon on Saturday! Good thing Halloween was on a Friday, that’s how all Halloweens should be.


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