Get out the vote!

Send Inspirational EcardsIt’s an exciting Election Day folks! I’ve been watching the news and you know there are people who wait for over four and half hours just to cast their vote? If that’s not dedication to exercising your right, I don’t know what is. After all, some of us can wait in line even overnight just to get a first look at iPhones and all sorts of gadgetry. Ya you know who you are!

I put a status message on my Facebook profile on who you’re going to vote for and I was really surprised at the response that you guys gave! What was more surprising is that the number of folks who would vote Republican and Democrat is almost the same. I guess whether you’re a red or blue at heart, you all read Editor Bob’s newsletter right? Ok, that was me giving myself props. But seriously folks, if you haven’t voted, you should go out there and vote! Today’s the last day to have your say. After this we’re stuck for four years with whoever that would be in the White House.

This is a crucial and historic day, we’re either putting the first black President or the first woman Vice-President in the White House. I have friends like Rick who are McCain supporters, and friends like Fred and Irina who are getting the votes out for Obama. Whoever you support, you should vote because that’s a privilege that not a lot of people in this world have. Besides, this chance only comes once every four years, and as we all know, a lot can happen over the course of four years, so get out there and get everyone you know who is over 18 to GET OUT YOUR VOTE! I know I did.


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