How are you dealing with the economic crisis?

Send Friendship Ecards“People are having to choose between gas, meals and medication.” Dr. James King, Chairman of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

I saw this quote in the New York Times as soon as I opened my email the other day. I’ve been watching this economic digression as a fence-sitter and it seems to get worse by the day. A lot of my friends are worried and bracing for whatever impact that may have in our lives. What I want to say is, we have to put our heads together and survive through this crisis. I am not an economist, nor understand the intricacies of finance and all, but what I understand is that there’s no problem that we can’t solve if we put our minds to it. Having friends and family supporting you also helps. Don’t be hesitant when you really need help, that’s the key, you never know who’s going to step up to the plate and lend you a helping hand.

This financial crunch effects everybody. Just a couple of days back Mrs. Bradley was telling me that her doctor told her how many of his patients are going without important, life-saving drugs and medicines because they simply cannot afford it anymore. Seriously, this is just too much to think about, but that’s reality folks. We need to hold strong in times like these and be there for each other. What’s your take? Write to me.


6 thoughts on “How are you dealing with the economic crisis?

  1. Friends and family are always the best support. On the other hand, if they are dependent, that would be too much of a weight on one’s shoulders. We all have to face our own problems although mentally we could support one another.

  2. that’s my favorite space, because i’ve learnt to be positive here and met many suppotive friends who feel like me…

  3. I found a Chinese old story, “Peach Blossoms Spring” , and it reminds me the lively time spent with my friend on grass, under the trees and sunshine, and sometimes in the rain and snow.
    That time was like “peach blossoms”. It was the time to let me leave from every negative matters.
    The time with the friend became for replenishment to survive in the harsh world…
    The perfect time with the friend will be never fade away, remains as fresh as “Peach blossoms” in me. That was the biggest gifts from the friend.
    If I forgot it, that means to lose a way and dried up.

    We would need to remember lively and sweet time that was spent with family, friends, beloved one and even lovely pets…. Such experience can be a bridge to make or find next positive relationships in a positive way..
    Those memories also can be a sauce of positive energy to live with hopes, and courage to reach out a hand for the one who still don’t know it.

    —–Peach Blossoms Spring—-

  4. I totally agree that we all need to come together. In order to help restore our economy, we need to forget our pride, greed and self-centeredness and start working together to create a better world, and a better economy. Nations only prosper when communities, family and friends come together, support one another and help one another through troubled times.

    As the saying goes, United we stand. Divided we fall. People’s greed and self-centeredness is the primary cause of economic recessions.

    At the same time, we must keep positive and keep working hard at what we are good at and, most importantly, keep good faith in God. Together we can help bring our economy on the path to restoration, but it is only God who can get us out of this mess.

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