A Surprise Awaits On This International Women’s Day

The air in Big Apple is filled with the celebratory spree and offers for Women’s Day. I was at home and Aaliyah was virtually delivering a motivational speech on ‘Choose to Challenge’, this year’s theme for International Women’s Day.

My friends often ask me how I understand human relationships so well. I give all the credit to the incredible women that I have in my life.

I grew up watching my mom who kept the family going strong with her love, warmth and compassion. Her answer to everything had been love and faith. Tapping into someone’s heart is something I learned from her. “Be kind to all because you never know what the other person is going through,” she used to say. That’s how I became more thoughtful.

Liz, my elder sister has always been a realist. “Bob, to achieve all your dreams you need to wake up and start working!” She used to say. That’s how she encouraged me to take all the big steps in life when I hesitated. Her role was pivotal in bringing me out of my comfort zone. Even now she is my ‘go-to person’ for strength.

Then came Aaliyah into my life. I discovered how to open my arms and love selflessly. “We should know how to accept the differences and stay strong,” she had said one day during our initial fights. Staying with her has helped me to look at things from different perspectives. She brought out the spiritual side in me and I became so much grounded.

My friends, Donna, Kate, Megan and my neighbor Mrs. Bradley have all made me realize what wonders we can do if we all have each other’s back. That’s how I started valuing every bond. We are a huge family now!

Women are a blessing! They love selflessly and stick by us fiercely. They are both soft and powerful at the same time. In both their tears and laughter, they never forget to care any less for the ones that matter to them. They make the world a better place!

I have planned a grand celebration indoors for all the lovely women in my life. Steve, Adrian and Fred are all helping me with this surprise plan.

To all the wonderful women out there, Happy International Women’s Day!

To all the men, share with me how are you planning to pamper your woman a little more on this day!



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