3 Ways To Multiply Blessings On This St. Patrick’s Day

You know St. Patrick’s Day is here when it’s all green around. Keeping all the Covid-19 guidelines in mind, NYC is all set to embrace the Irish blessings and good luck. The festive fervor is keeping both me and Aaliyah busy as we will be celebrating it at our place. Green cushions, shamrocks, leprechaun hat – the decorations are in full swing and we can’t keep calm!

I got a call from Rachael who was going to miss the celebrations this time. “Hey Uncle Bob, I am missing you all. Every year we have so much fun!” She expressed.

“We will miss you too. Can’t wait for you to be here soon!” I replied.

“I had once heard you say that good actions always multiply blessings. I want this St. Patty’s Day to pave the way for happiness. Can you please share how can I make sure of that?” She asked.

“Yes! Good actions always make us closer to the almighty and lead us to the doorway of blessings!” I replied and shared with her these three ways that always multiply our blessings:

  • Have Gratitude- Be grateful for all that you have, no matter how big or small. It makes us humble and we end up seeing the worth of everything that’s there in our life. It prevents us from complaining and leads us to the road of abundant blessings.
  • Spread Love and Kindness- What we give comes back to us! Love and kindness together make us compassionate. Lending a genuine hand of help to others in need makes us stand out in the eyes of the almighty. By doing this we not only make the world a better place but also open our arms to luck and blessings.
  • Share the Joy- What we share always grows! Sharing our happiness and good fortune helps to create a ‘feel-good experience’. We are in a state of balance for equal receiving and giving, making sure that we are not too caught up in our world. It also leaves us with an inner joy that helps to build healthy and long-lasting relationships with others and that in itself is a great blessing!

“I’m always speechless at your words of wisdom! There couldn’t have been a better start to St. Patrick’s Day! I can’t wait to follow what you said!” Replied Rachael and then we hung up.

Good intentions and actions always pave the way for endless blessings. Greet the Irish blessings and luck on this St. Patrick’s Day with that thought.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

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