Life Can Be Simple And Easy If We Choose To Live In The Now And Not In The Worries Of Tomorrow

Sitting on the bench in my backyard garden overlooking the bunch of roses, dancing with the wind, as if delighted to be here and now with me, I felt one with them, I felt rooted and free at the same time.

My beautiful little kitten jumped on my lap and I cuddled her mindfully being so aware of her heartbeat and furry and tender presence. What I see in her eyes is a complete surrender to nature for her nurturing. As I hugged my cat I prayed to imbibe this very nature of complete communion with the universal providence.

I got up and walked to fetch her a bowl of milk and suddenly a fear of losing this perfect moment gripped me. I was lost to the future and mentally started making the list of sweat and tear needed to have more of such leisurely moments. The phone rang and I ran to put it on silent mode so that I can save the magic of this instant. I realized it was I ruining this God-sent-me-time by trying to save it and plan it instead of just relishing it.

Whether it is good time for you or bad it will not remain the same. So what? Have you ever seen little children lost in savoring the ice-cream? They never get troubled about what will happen when the cup is empty. They are so lost enjoying the sweet delight.

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I smiled to myself and picked up the buzzing phone. I was elated to hear Donna’s voice on the other end. She had called to invite me over to our favorite hangout on the upcoming Best Friends Day. I accepted her invitation with joy and returned to my journal.

Let’s not doubt. As you accept with trust more is created out there for you else it’s just a game of survival, this life. Make it a cherished gift by flowing with it.

The doorbell rang and Aaliyah stepped in with freshly baked doughnuts with dripping chocolate sauce which is my all-time favorite. We sat in the backyard garden digging into the pleasure when she said, “Bob, I am scared I feel my happiness is too good to be true, I want you to love me forever and ever even when I am old and haggard.” I stopped her before she could linger in the downward spiral of mistrust and reminded her to be here and now.

I professed my love to her yet again and will continue to do so whenever she needs the reassurance, but more than that I reminded her magic of living this moment to its fullest instead of grappling to save it to the last.

I stroked my little kitten sleeping on my lap and Aaliyah smiled as she collected her thoughts.

Share your #MomentOfJoy and how you savored it to the fullest.

Love & Joy,
Editor Bob

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