You Are Never Too Late To Start!

Last night, we were at Adrian’s place celebrating. It wasn’t just his birthday; it was also the success bash for the opening of his new office. “Bob, can you believe it’s been five years since I started this catering business?” Adrian said, brimming with excitement. His catering business had thrived in downtown Manhattan. He had now become a known caterer in the area.

Congratulations Adrian! I’m so proud of you! I’m so glad you followed your heart and kicked off this business from the ground up,” I replied warmly.

“I remember those days,” Adrian reflected. “I felt like everyone else was moving ahead while I was standing still, just a graduate. Some were getting married, others having kids and a few were even becoming billionaires. It seemed like time was slipping away.”

“Adrian, this party is amazing! The pizza is incredible!” Alan chimed in enthusiastically. Seeing our faces, he guessed, “Some serious talk going on, huh?”

“I’m glad you like the party Alan! I was just telling Bob how surreal it all feels. Remembering the doubts I had when I first started out, especially when you both had stable jobs. My family thought I was crazy for investing all my savings.” Adrian shared, a hint of nostalgia in his voice.

“Adrian, you really believed in yourself, and that’s what counts. Everybody’s journey is like a fingerprint—unique. Some folks retire at 60, others make it to president by 70. Some jet-set the world in their 20s, while others hit the books for degrees in their 40s. Like my brother, some find true love in their teens, while I chanced upon it later in life. There’s no set schedule for anything,” I said.

“Absolutely, Adrian. Whenever folks say it’s too late, I remind myself I’m not on anyone else’s clock. I always dreamt of being a wine taster. Lately, I’ve started a course. Who knows what else I’ll do next!” Alan chimed in.

” I’m truly thankful to have had you all by my side, always supporting me,” Adrian said.

“Adrian, you’ve put in the work for this. You earned it!” Alan beamed, pulling us into a group hug. As we let go, a wave of nostalgia washed over us, reminding us of our bond. To lift the spirits, Alan quipped, “Let’s keep the party rolling!” and dragged us onto the dance floor.

We reveled in the night, toasting to Adrian and our friendship, dancing and chatting the night away.

For anyone feeling like they’re lagging behind, remember: life isn’t a race against others, but a journey of your own. Each of us moves at our own pace, facing different challenges and triumphs along the way. Your path may not mirror someone else’s, and that’s okay. Trust your timing, and believe in your abilities. Success isn’t measured by comparing yourself to others; it’s about fulfilling your own goals and aspirations. Keep moving forward, stay true to yourself and enjoy life every step of the way. Your time will come, and when it does, it’ll be worth the wait!



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