You Are Never Too Grown Up!

Last evening my elder sister Liz was at my place. “Let’s relive some old times and have dinner together!” I had suggested. “Alright, I’ll be there!” She had agreed! I decided to cook for her. Grilled chicken, baked fish and vegetable stir fry – her favorites! Aaliyah had baked blueberry cheese cake for dessert.

Since childhood, Liz and I have been very different. She had been the quiet and shy one. She was never into much socializing and loved spending her time alone or with her close ones. I on the other hand was the stark opposite. I was and am still the one who infuses the gatherings with energy. I love to go out and connect with new people. I look forward to adventures.

There was one thing that we thoroughly enjoyed irrespective of our different nature and that was, enjoying each other’s company. Yesterday after dinner, we decided to go for a walk in Mrs. Bradley’s garden.

We were enjoying our banter when I saw a shooting star in the sky. “Liz, look! Make a wish!” I said. When we were young, Liz used to make a wish every time she saw a shooting star.

“Don’t be silly, Bob! I don’t do that anymore. I’m too old for that now,” She replied with a laugh.

“We are never too old for listening to the child in us. The moment you try growing up in that way a part of you dies. And, it’s not fun that way. Being silly and following the childlike instinct in us is great. It keeps the innocence alive. It keeps things happy and simple!” I expressed.

“You are right, Bob. We are never too old to do things that keep us happy. I missed wishing this time. But, I promise that next time I’ll make a wish just like how I used to!” She replied and smiled.

“Alright then! I’m happy to hear that!” I said and accompanied her to the car. She waved at me and went home. I looked at the sky again and prayed to the angels that she sees another shooting star very soon.

Growing up doesn’t mean that one has to stop doing things that gave them joy. It never means that child-like innocence has to take a back seat. It doesn’t mean that one has to be all that logical and serious all the time. Being playful, having fun, and living life to the fullest is what keeps us thriving. It’s great to be unapologetically ourselves! And, we should not trade that for anything.


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