How To Write A Perfect Love Letter At Any Age?

Every 5 seconds, a female shells out cash for a cheesy romance novel. The grand total spent on romantic fiction every year is $1.08 billion. That translates into many women who are looking for real-life romance. So men, it’s time to kick it up a notch. Here’s how to write the perfect love letter according to Jason Tesauro, author of The Modern Lover.

Tesauro says, “If the letter might be given to any woman, it’s not a love letter. A real love letter shouldn’t be generic, it should be specific and include small moments you remember from your very own relationship.” So let’s start with the presentation. A love letter should be hand written on decent stationery, with anything, but a regular ball point pen. You wouldn’t hand a potential employer your resume scribbled on a piece of notebook paper, right? Then why would you do something less for the most crucial woman in your life? But here’s when you can break that rule: If you write your love letter on the back of a menu from the restaurant where you proposed or the poster of a musical you saw together.

Now, which words should you use? Put away the books on romantic poetry and the thesaurus. Don’t use lines like, our hearts beat together as one or your eyes are like limpid pools. It’s a gag fest. Tell her exactly why you love her and why you think she’s the most attractive woman on the planet. Like, I still think about how you looked in that red dress on our first date and as far as delivery goes, go ahead and send it in the mail, even when you live together.

How long has it been since she received anything in the mail besides bills? Or stick it under her breakfast plate, in her briefcase or on her dashboard. Discovering a note in an unexpected place simply adds to your very own love story.

Here are some best letters shared with me by our users of different ages. It touched my heart and I am sure it will leave your heart wanting to pen down your perfect letter too on this Valentine’s Day!

Love Letter By A 10 Year Old!

Dear Daisy,

Your eyes remind me of the moonless night. Looking at you I felt as if I had Ben 10 omnitrix, I would change into the best creature you like. I loved the day you became Disney princess even though others laughed at you, you looked very pretty. If you like me back I will feel I have won.



Love Letter By A 22 Year Old!

Dear Emily,

Your presence in my life makes me want to dream. It inspires me to do something with my life. I could fight the world to be with you. It is difficult to imagine my future without you tugging me, nagging me, loving me. You keep me going. Please be a part of my life forever now. Suddenly, all songs are about you and me. I sometimes feel possessive when you get busy with your friends. I want you to be all mine. You are more than my buddy. I love you.

Love Always,


Love Letter By A 35 Year Old!

Dear S,

It is our 10th Valentine’s Day together. I can only say one thing. You have made my life better each day. We both are encouraging each other to go through the grill of life happily because we have each other to come back to in the end of the day. Do you know each time you lay your head on my shoulders and slip your hands in mine, I feel a relief sweep over me while you think I am helping you. Whether I have no dollar left in my pocket and the world rips me apart, your one smile can make my soul dance with joy. I live for you my darling and just keep your trust in me alive and I will be what you’ve always dreamt for me.



Love Letter By A 45 Year Old!

Dear Aaliyah,

I love you each day. I adore the way you sleep with your mouth open and do not believe me when I say you snore. I love the way you sheepishly laugh when I make you hear the recording of your snores. I am thankful to have you in my life. I never feel devoid of a friend. I can confess anything to you and you will still make me that morning coffee and sit across the table to sip it with me. You sulk a little and then forget it all as if we never had a tiff. It is so easy to be in love with you. Your hugs are my happy place. Your warm kisses are my heaven. You are a pillar of my existence. All I can say is I am grateful. I can dedicate all my success to you my darling and in return I offer you whatever is left of my life. I promise to always stay beside you.

Forever Yours,


Love Letter By A 55 Year Old!

Dear Lisa,

A greater part of our lives has gone by looking after our home and making both ends meet. I have hardly paused to remind you that darling you are the reason I keep going. I haven’t appreciated you enough in life. Now when the children are gone and our needs have minimized and our savings are enough to keep us alive, I realize my real milestone of life has been winning your love. Have I ever stopped to say a heartfelt thanks to you darling. Please know that as long as I live I shall be grateful to you for walking the path with me.

Take Care



Love Letter By A 70 Year Old!

Dear P,

I can’t seem to find anything in the house ever since you’re gone. I cooked myself some pumpkin soup, you know when it was brewing I could smell you in the kitchen and the other day Just before I was about to light another cigar, I could hear your irate voice ringing in my ears and you will be elated to hear that I threw the whole pack in the bin. Darling the music doesn’t play in the living room in the evening anymore and the sealed bottles of wine still wait to be poured. The air is heavy in the house and I can’t feel you touching me and teasing me and disturbing me when I am lost in my books. I regret the moments I missed being with you under the same roof. Now, when I light a candle, your favorite rose candle, in front of the frame, I can barely look at you smiling through the picture at me because my eyes blur. No, not because of my age sweetheart, it is because of the mist in my eyes and the empty wish in my heart which is to be held by you just one more time.

Stay happy honey and wait for me. Say my hello to God!

Happy Valentine’s Day!




Valentine’s Day
February 14, 2018
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Valentine’s Day,
February 14, 2018
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Kiss Day,
February 13, 2018
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