Wintry Excitement All-around

Long coats, boots, ice-skating, hot chocolate, reading books, hot soups or staying all cozy indoors, it is winter! With sleeting and snow-covered pavements, NYC has turned into a beautiful winter land.

Both Aaliyah and I were at Donna’s place. Donna was down with fever. Aaliyah made some amazing soup and pasta for her. “How do you feel now? Are you taking your medicines on time?” I asked. “Yes, I am. I feel a lot better,” she answered. “I will go and make some fritters,” expressed Aaliyah and went to the kitchen.

“I miss Emily and Ethan. The festive time was so much fun. The house is so quiet now. I wish it was always chirpy and vibrant,” Donna expressed. “They will be here soon!” I replied. “Bob it’s not only about missing them. I feel so lonely at times,” she said.

“Make yourself your best company. Spend some good time in doing things which you had always wanted to do. Time for the long-forgotten talents to come back again. You love painting. Start it again,” I said.

“It isn’t easy staying alone. I long to talk to someone after coming back home,” she said. “If you stay alone you are most likely to feel that way. We are there for you. Talk to us. Connect to more new people. Take membership in different clubs. Have people over at your place,” I suggested.

“Do you think I should look for a partner? A companion? Will that help?” she asked. “Looking for someone just to substitute your loneliness and fill up the void isn’t the solution. It is like trying to fit in the pieces of a puzzle to solve and complete it. Don’t go for the quick fix. Look for someone only when you want to give love and feel loved. You need to feel complete in yourself first,” I replied.

“Yes! You’re right! I have to find the contentment and sense of completeness within my own self. I will spend more quality time in doing things that will make me happy,” she said. Meanwhile, Aaliyah came with fritters and green chili sauce and we got back at enjoying the cozy winter evening.

Self-love and self-care all emphasize on the word ‘self’ which signifies that we don’t need to seek someone to feel complete and happy. A person can add experiences but can never give you a sense of fulfillment. It is not outside, it is all inside. Go for shopping, attend workshops, have that slice of pizza, compliment yourself and pat yourself at the back to get that extra dose of motivation. Do it all alone for yourself and see how good it feels. It all starts and ends with our own self! Do it and see!

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