Welcome September With Flowers, Love And Appreciation!

This is my favorite month of the year, if not for the absolute perfect weather that it brings, but also for the gorgeous flowers that bloom only in the fall!

I’ve been patiently waiting for Mrs. Bradley’s garden to flourish once again with an array of my favorite flowers, that is if I can keep Kong out of her garden for long enough. Last year, I pointed out some of the gloriously colored flowers that caught my eye and Mrs. Bradley let me know they were Dahlias and Chrysanthemums; flowers that bloom in the late summer and early fall.

Sometimes, our teachers aren’t the only ones to teach us a thing or two. I know I got a lot of my wisdom from my dear old grandmother. From cooking family recipes to hearing how they walked 5 miles to in the snow to get anywhere, the wisdom passed along is priceless. We dedicate September 7 to Grandparents Day , where we can give our love and appreciation by sending a card or picking up the phone.

My parents give lots of attention to my sister Liz’s daughter. Sometimes they visit the big apple, just to see her! I’ll admit I can get a bit jealous; however she is my favorite niece as well!

In this time of appreciation, we can also remember our favorite childhood memories. The ones where we snuggled up to something soft, warm, and fuzzy; our teddy bears! Teddy Bear Day falls on September 9, and I’ll be digging around some old boxes to give old Teddy a squeeze.

To wrap out this adoring week, make sure to send a card or even some flowers, to your grandparents! Let the people, who taught us, know their knowledge is invaluable and graciously welcomed.


Send Love Ecard !
Send Love Ecard!

Grandparents Day
September 7, 2014

Send Grandparents Day Ecard!
Send Grandparents Day Ecard!

Teddy Bear Day
September 9, 2014

Send Teddy Bear Day Ecard!
Send Teddy Bear Day Ecard!

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