Treat To The Eyes, Solace To The Soul!

World Environment Day is here and as decided I have planted a sapling this time in Mrs. Bradley’s garden. I’m watering it every day. “Your garden is such a pretty place!” I expressed while we were watering the flowers yesterday. “Thanks, Bob! All thanks to you and Aaliyah who help me to take care of it!” She replied.

“You always wanted a garden?” I asked.

“Yes! There was a big one in my grandma’s place. I used to play there with my cousins. I always felt good spending time there, especially on the hammock. I wanted one of my own. I feel so happy and hopeful amidst greenery. Now, it’s helping me to stay happy and positive during this pandemic!” She replied.

Mrs. Bradley’s story took me to the times when I used to go for a walk in the park with my dad in SoCal. It felt so good to look at the lush green grasses and have the cool breeze touch our faces. The sunlight falling on us as dad would read out the lines from his favorite poems. Not sure if his face shined brighter due to the sun or the beautiful poem.

Treat to the eyes, solace to the soul, nature has always mesmerized me! We used to spend hours watching the butterflies flutter and taking the essence of the flowers.

“Yes, spending time in nature fills us with an inner joy! Now and then a stroll in your garden uplifts my mood. I feel so good!” I expressed. Mrs. Bradley smiled.

“Well, there’s one more thing that makes me happy right away!” I expressed.

“What is it?” She asked.

“The cookies that you make! It can make anyone smile at one go!” I replied.

She laughed and replied, “Come in then! Let’s have a cup of coffee with some cookies!” And, then we went in to enjoy some freshly baked cookies!

Nature is a great healer and a motivator! The current pandemic scenario is overwhelming for all of us. Taking some time off for a walk under the trees or in your garden will be refreshing! It will boost your spirits and fill you with positivity. This, in turn, will raise your hopes, restore faith and help you to win over this pandemic!

Happy World Environment Day!

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