The Ultimate Ugly Sweater Bash!

November is fizzled out already! Time flies when you are having fun creating and dreaming. Next month is December which means it is time to start thinking about holiday parties.

Adrian comes up with some unique and amazing holiday party ideas and inspiration for the season and out of the bunch my favorite one is the ugly sweater themed party. Last year we had thrown an ugly sweater bash and had a great time celebrating Christmas in our old, vintage sweaters. I had fitted myself in a classic cardigan knitted by my Aunt in 1988.

The winter shindig was truly unforgettable with wacky decorations, festive food trays and ugly sweaters out of the attics creating an atmosphere of holiday cheer.

Have fun with our festive theme invite and it is guaranteed to be a sure hit with your guests!


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Tips For Throwing The Ultimate Ugly Sweater Bash:

Invitations: Set the tone for your party by sending your guests ugly sweater party invitations. Let your guests know ugly sweaters are required and that prizes will be awarded for the ugliest sweater!

Dig out your oldest & ugliest Christmas themed sweater: Browse through your grandma’s closet or create one by pinning socks, fuzzy pom pom balls and baubles onto it. Have fun with some seriously hideous sweaters. Make it as ugly as possible.

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Decorations: The tackier the better! Deck the room with Christmas lights, baubles, tinsel, paper snowflakes and bows.

Music: Create a party playlist of your favorite Christmas songs. Have your guests groove to the peppy music.

Food: Have fun by decorating the grapes with Santa hats made of banana and strawberry slices or create a Christmas tree out of the strawberries for the dessert. Make a holiday party wreath appetizer with plenty of fresh rosemary sprigs, green and black olives, cherry tomatoes and red pickled peppers and small mozzarella cheese balls. Serve the classic plum cake with a twist of your own. Create a platter of appealing festive delights and savor the moments. Don’t forget to share your recipes with me.

Get your guests in the mood for a fun tradition. Send the Invitations for your Christmas Party by clicking here.

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

Love & Joy,
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