The Scarier, The Merrier- It’s Halloween!

The air now in Big Apple smells of the festive season that’s knocking at the door. It’s that time of the year that I look forward to!

I was watching a film when I got a notification on my phone. It was a message from Liz where she had sent an image of a ‘witchy hat’ saying ‘Boo!’ I laughed! It reminded me of my childhood days in SoCal with my family during Halloween.

Halloween has always been close to our hearts, especially for both Liz and me. It meant the onset of the celebratory spree! Good food, spending more time with family, going for shopping, sharing and learning new recipes, decorating the house, and inviting people to come over- it was something we all waited for!

I remember how we used to go for shopping and buy the traditional shades of black and orange to dress up. Liz bought fancy witchy hats every year along with those artificial nails to scare people away! After dinner, we all used to sit together to carve the jack-o-lanterns and the witchy silhouettes. Liz and I shared a common room! We had spooky ghost’s decal pasted on our window along with the silhouette of a black cat!

Halloween decorations! The scarier the merrier!

Donning our creepy attire, both Liz and I used to take a tour of our neighborhood on the eve of Halloween to collect the candies. I was always given an extra by the neighbors! That was the perk of being the younger one! Liz was kind enough to not get upset. She loves me and till date never minds sharing the bigger slice of cake with me!

Following that, when we got back, delicious dinner awaited at home! With the family gathering, we started with the pumpkin soup and then munched on to the jack-o-lanterns pot pies, spider web pizza, spooky cheeseballs and bagels, apple bread, pumpkin caramel pie and so much more!

Later at night, all of us sat together to watch some haunted movies where I poked Liz from behind to frighten her even more! The vivid memories made me smile!

Nothing has changed for me! I love the festive ambiance. Aaliyah and I have already placed orders for witchy window clings, light display pumpkin silhouette, and the special Halloween lights to turn our apartment into a haunted one! We have also got special ice trays to make spooky ice cubes and enjoy our drinks together! Same as before, the scarier the merrier-it’s Halloween!

Both of us are eager to celebrate this Halloween together at home with our cozy plan! Kong is there too! He will be wearing the bat costume with a pumpkin patterned collar! It’s going to be so much fun!

Have you started with your Halloween decorations too? Share with me your haunted ideas!


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