Springing Into Action!


Sunny days here in NYC. The holidays and festivals are over and people are springing back into action. After the Easter, Passover and Good Friday breaks, now it is time to refresh your resolves and start working your way through to achieving those pending goals.

I was sitting in my backyard with a list of unfinished goals. My mind was leaping and hopping the cloudland. I was probably frowning because Kong suddenly came close to me and started licking my face with concern. I sprang out of my thought and became mindful of my present moment.

I patted my beloved pet and started planting the Tulips in the backyard. I felt the texture of the dry tulip bulbs in my hand. I checked for the sunny spot with good drainage for them as wet soil will rot the bulbs. I planted in groups of ten and waited for the long leaves to shoot up with enthusiasm. I was so engaged in the gardening that I almost forgot about the stress of work & deadlines that worried me sometime back. Not only was I enjoying being in the present moment, I was also internally preparing for my tasks and objectives.

While I was preparing the soil, I was thinking about my team and resources that will enable me to accomplish the seemingly huge project in hand and while I was planting my well-kept, dried, ventilated tulip bulbs in place, I was thinking about the quality of my work and deliverables.

What the work front needs is just this, your loving attention, enthusiasm and interest.

My love, Aaliyah walked in with my favorite chocolate pie and beer, we sat there for a while sharing a laugh and relishing the moment with our furry friends, Kong and the rescued kitten.

So, be present and joyful friends.

Life is bountiful and all you need is to tap into yourself and dig up your sunshine.

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