Spooky Time!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

We are on a Halloween celebrating spree here at 123Greetings. It is that time of the year when there is fun in business. Yes, it is a pleasure to be creative and there is utmost pleasure when our cards are exchanged between loved ones. It is all the more beautiful to know even the tiny tots are enjoying spending time clicking on our cards and having some spooky fun. We here love all the finer things in life, but the one we treasure the most is your happiness when you view our cards.

Happy Halloween [Oct 31]

Time to be patient if you are elders. Time to partake in the activities kids have scheduled if you are elders. Time to put on a costume that will impress the opposite sex if you are an adolescent. Time to put on a costume that will make your kids scream in delight if you are a parent. Time to stock up with cookies and other goodies if you expect kids to come knocking on your doors.

Be patient, be considerate and be really tolerant. It’s a day for fun and let your mood swing not get in the way of a fun night.

Live it like you want it. Happy Halloween to one and all.

Miss You [Oct 31]

You may not have your soul mate near you on this fun night. He or she may be away on work or some other chore and you may feel lonely on this good night.

Dying to be with a dear one who is miles away this Halloween? Just jinx your blues away and reach out to the special someone with our warm miss you Halloween ecards . If the fun is not next to you then make sure the fun visits your sweetheart.

We understand what makes you happy.

Bewitched Lovers [Oct 31]

It’s Halloween and there’s magic in the air! Take your sweetheart’s breath away on this spell-ta-cular night with our warm and romantic Halloween ecards for Bewitched Lovers.

We provide these cards for a reason and that reason is this:

You may impress your beloved with your costume and antics on this night, but nothing is more special than a personal thought. That thought is what is translated into a Halloween romantic card. And if you send that, your sweetheart will know that you have spent time thinking about what to send to her or him and that gesture will make your relationship even more beautiful.

Give it a try.

Ghastly Invitations [Oct 31]

What is a festival if not for a costume party? Conduct one and be the talk of the night. Well, thinking about how to invite them is it?.

It’s time to throw a Halloween party and boogie through the night with your friends, family and dear ones. Invite them over for a costume party, theme party or an adult costume get-together.

The point is… Have fun!

Take care,

Editor Bob

Halloween 2015 [Oct 31]

Send Miss You Greetings!
Send Miss You Greetings!

Halloween 2015 [Oct 31]

Send Bewitched Lovers Greetings!
Send Bewitched Lovers Greetings!

Halloween 2015 [Oct 31]

Send Ghastly Invitations Greetings!
Send Ghastly Invitations Greetings!

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