She Is A Woman!

An embodiment of strength, compassion and wisdom. A fearless soul. A healer, a teacher, a friend and a pillar. A blessing! She is a woman! International Women’s Day is here! The time to recognize and celebrate the achievements of the lovely women around us.  The time to let them know how thankful and fortunate we are to have them in our lives!

As I was planning for the celebration in our office with Donna on this year’s Women’s Day theme, ‘Each For Equal’ all of a sudden I thanked Donna.  She was taken aback.

“Thank You? For what, Bob?” she asked. “For making me believe in my talent. It was you who had tapped into my potential as an HR and encouraged me to take up this job as a writer. Thanks for always guiding me when it gets all foggy inside my head,” I expressed. “Oh! Come on now! What are friends there for?” she replied. Then we smiled and left work.

Driving past Rockefeller Center, I was reflecting on how each of these women in my life has played some major roles.

My mom whose words and hugs always ensure hat everything around is fine. Her protective layer of love, care and concern always makes it sure that I am always happy! Amidst all the chaos, her presence in my life is like a soothing balm.

It was Liz, my elder sister who had given me the confidence to take a new leap and move to NYC. When I was having cold feet I remember her telling me this, “Bob, I’m here with you. We will face it together! Don’t worry!”

All chirpy and vibrant, both Megan and Kate make sure to pull me out of my worst gloomy days. Always motivating me by showing me the positive sides in negative situations. Just one phone call and they are there to add the dose of laughter!

And then, I have Aaliyah, who showers her unconditional love on me. Giving me hope and making me believe in myself every time when I feel like giving up. Adding color when things get dull. She keeps me grounded. Pushing me at every step to do better each day, she has turned me into a better person.

Walking hand in hand, women make sure that there is balance in life. They make our lives complete and worth cherishing. Whether it’s the handling daily chores in personal life or being the boss in the professional sphere, they do it gracefully. The warmth and composure with which they multitask, they are definitely superstars!

I am going to arrange for a surprise cozy party at my place for all these wonderful ladies on that day!  Pampering them just like they do to me every time!

Do you have such women who have majorly contributed in your life to shape you up? If yes, then let me know how you wish to surprise them!



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