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Guess Who Wants To Be Cleaned Out ? Tell all you know that it's time for them to clear out their overstuffed refrigerators.
  Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day [Nov 15]

Cardinal sin! That’s what it was… allowing Steve to be around Kong and locking the door of the apartment. They almost have the same qualities just that Steve doesn’t bark and Kong is more human. The alien-geek closeted himself in my place when I had to hit downtown for some work. He stayed all day in the couch and literally swept the palace better than NSA. Kong was a willing partner, not everyday he gets somebody who toes his line. Both made a perfect gang and took it up on themselves to spy and thrash everything to trash.

Steve has the habit of looking at everything in an “out of the world” manner and naturally I shouldn’t have been surprised when I found my refrigerator perched on the terrace. Brothers in arms, he and Kong, stood by the open door of the refrigerator on the terrace, gazing at the sky. When he cared to look down on earth, well, he saw me staring.

Down came the duo… hmm, I don’t question his intentions anymore. I’m well past all that. You see, you get a numbing feeling when you are around Steve for long, Nothing surprises you anymore!

I didn’t want to ask him why the refrigerator is hanging up there coz I know there would be an answer that I can’t digest. Instead, I asked him, “Steve, what did you do with the stuff in the refrigerator, all the coke, cookies, butter, and beer?”

He stepped into visible light and I could still see bread crumbs around his mouth while Kong had a face of chocolate color and flavor, definitely the cake Meggy deposited, and to top it all he had cherry-colored teeth. I can guess the source… grrrrrrrr…

The guilty usually look petrified of defiant, but seldom look innocent. Look at Steve now, the bread crumbs around his mouth, an “I’m Sorry” sly smile, and fidgeting fingers… the last time I saw something like this was a baby in the nursery. He just didn’t pretend to be innocent, he was innocent.

Here’s the guy who cleaned out my refrigerator, gulped down my Coke, and shared anything and everything with Kong and still I talk philosophy… Crazy you think?! There was never a friendship with logic.

“Move your sorry ____, let’s hit the bar” I said with a smile. Steve immediately wiped his mouth and smiled. Worth it!


Fast Food Day [Nov 16]

Well, we did hit the bar, but Steve’s attention span is short lived. He didn’t like being there anymore, but wanted to get a Big Mac. We made our sojourn there. Disneyland’s creatures were running loose. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck were enthralling the kids and Kong was clapping with two paws. Hmm… he increasingly looks human to me day by day! Steve buried himself into a giant burger and before the second helping he wanted to beat the hourglass. Yup, the counter had a timer in hourglass shape and the trickling sand gaged the progress. Mac guy had his hands full, but had nimble fingers. He finished before Steve by a few seconds right when the order was given. Now that was really fast food folks! Not the one to lose, Steven ordered a third time. Now he had support. The whole gang had arrived and Ron, Kate, and Meggy were egging him on.

It didn’t help. The Mac guy won with a few seconds to spare every single time.

An hour and a record 54th order later, we had empty wallets and tight belts.

We burped all the way to our place courtesy Steve!

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  US Marine Corps Day [Nov 19]

Well, we were ambling along slowly with a heavy stomach when honking behind us shattered the still night. Either the car was running on some hard drinks or someone in was! Such was the speed and the design. Yup, the car literally measured the road from one end to another, hit a post, and screeched to a halt at Meggy’s foot. By reflex she stumbled back and took us all down with her. We were sprawled across, dividing the pavement and the road by half.

The drunks, two guys with spiteful smile, happened up on us and their intent was clear. They had their daggers… I mean, they were pocket knives of course, but when you lie spread-eagled on the road looking up at the two mean people, everything looks monstrous. The glint of the blade was surreal, but the hand that knocked it off wasn’t. Mr. Bradley, our neighbor, with a six to eight packs of abs and muscles did a marine maneuver and suddenly the mean guys looked to be even more below us on the ground. Strange! The retired lieutenant held his hand out and we all had enough space to hold on to his one hand to raise ourselves up.

In an instant cops arrived and they were reading out the MIRANDA RIGHTS to them.

Nice to know you’re protected!

I instantly regretted breaking his window panes when I used to pitch at it in my childhood. I thought he was a big bad guy. Hmm…

Marines are not geo-specific, they don’t just shoot from the Front, but they are on the prowl even on the roads. Programmed to protect, they stand tall even in the dark. Just the way, Mr. Bradley was!


World Hello Day [Nov 21]

The journey that started with Steve and Kong had grown in number and now Steve, Ron, Kate, Megan, Kong, and Mr. Bradley in tow, we almost looked like a procession. You know, sometimes when you’re in a crowd and having a good time, there is a sudden sinking feeling. You just can’t put a finger on what and why, but there for a moment you miss a heartbeat. It’s premonition I guess… With no rhyme or reason, I just jerked my head back and she was there!

Fairly jogging and almost running Aaliyah was trying to catch up. Everybody stood for a moment and suddenly one by one started towards her and then there were hugs and back pats. She was greeting by one and all, and moved past everybody with a quick hug: simple peck on the cheek and finally reached me and walked by my side.

“Hello” is all she said.

When you search for a needle in the dark, you are almost blinded and you think you lost it, but then when you catch the spark of its glint, you smile a winning smile. Well, out of the corner of my eye, I could see her squint far and beyond and casually rub her eyes so she can have a look at her side… ME!

Caught her staring! Need I say more?! We smiled instantly together.

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