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My Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

Have you had an early morning dream lately? I am told those ones do become real in real life. I had one. It was about me wearing a costume and becoming a Caped Crusader saving the world! How’s that for a dream? Editor Bob being a Super Hero. Well, I am one already, ain’t I? I zoom through, whenever you need me, into your Inbox and tickle you to happiness. Well, being immodest is a bad trait and I own one. Chatter aside, let’s see what we have for the week.

Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary [Apr 19]

There are moments in life when you feel sad and grateful at the same time. This is one such moment – Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary. Sad for those who were affected by this tragedy and grateful that as a nation and people, we are still fighting the demons, both on the physical human front and in the inside of our hearts.

Rather than a happy occasion, a tragedy unites people a lot more. The reason being tears are more infectious than smiles. I wish for smiles and I hope you do too.

Let’s pray for the grieving and stay strong to survive.

Earth Day 2016 [Apr 22]

Send Earth Day Greetings!

Send Earth Day Greetings!


Send Wedding Greetings!

Send Wedding Greetings!


Send Anniversary Greetings!

Send Anniversary Greetings!

Earth Day [Apr 22]

Saving our country is important, but saving our planet is more important. It is our habitat and we have to respect that. Nature doesn’t ask anything from us. It jus’ asks us to let it be. Do not disturb it or at least do not be destructive. If you don’t have time to plant trees, make sure you don’t use plastic at the least.

If you don’t want to understand carbon footprints… That’s okay, but don’t call the activists tree huggers. Be considerate. Even nature is a being. In fact, nature is the being and we are jus’ props in its universe. We don’t own it. We are the tenants. We should be respectful towards the earth we inhabit.

Spread this word.


Typically, I would love it if weddings happen on a day when I am in a bad mood. Wait a minute. Don’t curse me. The reason I say that is that I love the ceremony and if I am in a bad mood and I have to attend the occasion I become completely relaxed and in fact, quite euphoric. I love the bridal dress, I love the bridesmaids’ excitement, love the somber groom attire, love the chatter, laughter and the running kids. It is a beautiful moment when they exchange the vows and it is like watching a rainbow on a clear sky as the wedding occasion unfolds.

Beautiful occasion and beautiful memories to take away. I honor all the wedding invites that come my way and I, of course, send a wedding card from our collection to make them feel extra special.


Talking about weddings, anniversaries aren’t far away, right? I love Aaliyah for many things, but mostly for her bright and alert mind. She reminds me of every single one of my dear and near ones’ anniversaries. I am always there for the occasion and it is always a mini-wedding occasion to me, these anniversaries, I mean. If wedding is the start of a relationship, then anniversary is the success bash.

It has worked and so the remembrance and the celebration.

It is beautiful to be part of something successful and if it is a human relationship based on love then it is even more beautiful.

Quite a lot for this week, huh?

Write your thoughts as comments…

Take care,

Editor Bob

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