Romantic Day Ahead!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

There is nothing more beautiful in this world to lay your eyes on than a pleasant smile. I am smiling right now when I write this just for you guys and I expect you to smile back when you read what I am writing.If love makes the world go around then the laugh makes it a joy to live. I try my best to make you smile and I hope I am succeeding. Do tell me how you like my newsletters by writing back to me. Thank you. Let’s get on with the week’s events and emotions now…

Send an Email Day [Aug 9]

Those were the days of letters and postcards. Not anymore. But the expectations are the same. Whatever the mode of communication, staying in touch is important. It makes a loved one feel that someone cares. That is very important to keep in mind. However much busy you are, it doesn’t matter, don’t forget to write a line.

And while you are at it why do the boring draft an email in black and white and send when you have the luxury of writing your message in a greeting card and sending it?

Do it today, especially as it is Send an Email Day and your love will be sent to your loved one.

Romance Day [Aug 11]

Talking about sending greeting cards to your loved ones, can the one who is the love of your life be far behind? Make sure to spend some time or be in touch every single day and preferably most of the day with them. It is not easy, but hey, who said to be in love is easy?

To make things better people who know what they were doing have invented these beautiful occasions like Romance Day.

Such a beautiful excuse to spend quality time with your loved one, don’t you think?

And this calls for a celebration with flowers, a stroll in the park and of course some intimate moments spent all alone with dreams in eyes and smile on your lips.

In this fast paced life, such sweet speed breakers are a welcome relief. Go spend some quality time with your partner!


Talking of romance, can flowers be far behind?

There’s something about these flowers that makes you feel good when you receive them or even while you give them.

Every flower has a different fragrance and they are all good.

Now that is a tough engineering God has accomplished.

Thorns are abundant in every rose, but what they protect is worth it. It is only appropriate that such a flower symbolizes love.

When a person falls sick, flowers are given and when a person feels on the top of the world flowers are given, when a person falls in love, flowers are given and when a person breathes his last breath flowers are given in mourning.

Every life event is adorned with flowers. Let’s celebrate them.


You know what’s better than success?


Yes, money is jus’ gravy. What an individual is usually after is appreciation from his peers and the ones he admires. That’s what makes a career going spiraling upward. And a lack of it will lead to a lack of inspiration, which in turn will wreck a career.

Next time you find someone achieving even a miniscule task make sure tocongratulate. It may not take much of an effort from you, but for the person who received it, it will make his day and will make him work even more harder in the future.

With that thought, I take leave.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Romance Day 2015 [Aug 11]

Send Romance Day Greetings!
Send Romance Day Greetings!


Send Flowers Greetings!
Send Flowers Greetings!


Send Congratulations Greetings!
Send Congratulations Greetings!

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