Put Your Soul In Your Feet This Dance Day

Last Friday, I woke up early and made myself a cup of coffee. I started the day with the dose of caffeine and sat to read one of my favorite authors. Aaliyah was doing yoga and Kong was making cute faces for a belly rub.

I got a call from Emily. “Hey, Emily! How have you been?” I asked. “I’m good but I feel so incomplete. My days are simply passing. I am not enjoying,” she replied.

“Are you doing things that you like? Have you gone back to dancing?” I asked. “No! Ever since I moved here, I haven’t resumed dancing. That’s something I miss terribly. I want to but feel lazy or can’t fit it in my schedule,” she replied.

“We are never too busy to do the things that we love! Stop giving excuses! Dance Day is here! Dance is the language of the soul. It will help you bring back your life in order!” I replied.

Then I shared with her these four reasons to start dancing again:

  • It boosts overall wellness for the mind and body- Dance helps us to stay fit, strong, and healthy. It helps us to stay in shape by burning calories with some amazing music. The fun factor is always present! It’s like we don’t even realize that we are burning that extra layer of fat. It keeps our energy levels high by releasing happy hormones. We feel a lot more happy and positive.
  • Becomes a creative outlet- Dancing is like putting our soul in our feet. It helps us to express our emotions and channelize them in full swing. Our soul starts talking to ourselves and others. We start becoming more creative! We start exercising our imagination to make life more colorful and happy!
  • Boosts self-confidence- Dance fills us with a ‘feel good factor’ that shoots up our self-esteem. We start feeling good about ourselves and start discovering our full potential. We are not afraid of trying out new things and experimenting.
  • Mood Booster- It keeps us away from the day to day worries which clog our minds. We shake a leg and learn to enjoy the moment. It uplifts our mood and we socialize better. We make new friends and create strong bonds.

“You just gave me so many tempting reasons! Thank you so much, Uncle Bob. I’ll go back to dancing again from this Dance Day!” She expressed.

“That’s great! Enjoy your twirl!” I replied. She laughed and then we hung up.

What’s your reason to dance? Even if there aren’t any, just put your soul in your feet and dance away to glory!

Happy Dance Day!

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