Procrastinating? Not Anymore!

Last morning I was giving Kong a belly rub and enjoying my cup of organic tea that Aaliyah has just added to our daily healthy routine! The smell of autumn was in the air of Big Apple and the November Flowers were blooming beautifully. Aaliyah was getting ready for brunch with her girls!

“I’m ready! I’ll leave in thirty. My friends are still getting all decked up so I will wait. Once they are done I will book the cab!” She said.

Aaliyah was looking great. However, I could figure out that something was off.

“You look stunning! But, is everything alright? You look disturbed!” I expressed.

“Well, you are right, Bob! Since yesterday night there is one thing that is bothering me. I love learning and doing new things. However, recently I have been procrastinating a lot. I just don’t feel good about it,” She replied.

“We all have done that at some point or the. But, just feeling bad about it without taking active actions won’t help!” I said.

“I know that. But, I just don’t know how to come out of this loop that seems perennial. What should I do?” She asked.

“It is very simple. I always have three easy ways to come out of that limbo!” I expressed.

“What are they? Help me!” She replied.

I went and sat beside her on the couch and said, “Alright! At first, you have to start by prioritizing as that gives clarity. What is the most important task on your list? Write it down! It gives the right direction to the mind.”

“Okay! What next?” She asked.

“Next, you have to set a deadline for each of the work that you have shortlisted. Take not more than three different works at a time as that will help you stay focused without draining much. Keeping a target helps to stay aligned with each of the tasks,” I suggested.

“And what is the last one?” She asked.

“Lastly you need to keep yourself motivated. To keep yourself going keep a reward at regular intervals. This will add a feel-good factor and push you to work at the rest of the things,” I said.

“Woah! These sound easy and simple! I think they will help me sort out and prevent procrastination!” She said.

“Yes, they will! They have always worked for me and helped me get back on track!” I expressed.

Then she hugged me and booked her cab. “I can’t wait to get back on track!” She said with a smile before leaving. I smiled too as I felt glad to see her smile.

Procrastination can be due to various reasons! Coming out of it is a real challenge that might look difficult but is easier when we take the right actions. Stop overthinking and start doing! Following the above-mentioned hacks will help you overcome procrastination. Try and see!


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