Obstacle Or Milestone?

Everyone is staying safe at home, thus, making the streets of NYC quiet like never before! I had wrapped up an important conference call. Right after that, I made myself a cup of coffee and peppermint tea for Aaliyah. She was in the balcony, looking outside. Gloom reflected on her face.

As I gave her the cup, she shot questions at me, “How long do we have to stay like this, Bob? When will we overcome the COVID-19 pandemic?” Such questions are revolving around everyone’s mind at present! Away from the normal pace of life, we all are indeed going through a very difficult scenario worldwide.

“My love, can you see the May Flowers blooming right at that corner?” I asked. “Yes! They are beautiful. Every time I see them, they fill my heart with joy,” she replied. “Look how they are facing towards the sun. They do so even on a cloudy day. Always in search for the ray of hope even amidst darkness. We must do the same during this tough time!” I expressed.

Imparting a feeling of freshness, flowers give a positive vision towards life. They symbolize hope, abundance and prosperity. Their pervading fragrance fills up the air with good vibes. Thus, promising a better tomorrow!

She sipped her tea. “It’s not easy,” she said. “Of course it’s not! However, it’s during these hard times that we need to marshal our willpower and stay strong. We must reaffirm the belief that nothing can defeat us unless we accept the defeat in our minds,” I replied.

“Thanks, Bob. You are right! I must look at the brighter side and keep that hope alive. We will overcome this!” she expressed. Then she went near the flowers, breathed in their fragrance and smiled at me. I smiled too feeling glad that she was better now.

When we change our perspective we no longer view hard times as obstacles rather we treat them as milestones. The morbid scenario is not here to stay forever! Stay safe and optimistic. We might not win immediately but we will win definitely!

Let me know how you are all spending your days to stay positive!

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