More Reasons To Be Happy!

After honoring the celebration of our Mother Earth and our Administrative Professionals, we give you a whole lot of reasons of being happy with the Get Happy Week cards. Send them to your friends, family and almost everyone and spread smiles because happiness costs nothing!

With happiness and love in the air, 1st of May gives us yet another chance to dance around the maypole, blossom with love and get swayed by the fragrance of the May blossom. This May Day, let our hearts be giving and send a basket full of love to your friends and family. Drop the basket full of cards in their inbox, ring that email bell, catch your giver and exchange that moment of love. Happy May Day!

We continue to celebrate the bond and love because there is no end to Love. Show your beloved sister/ brother how much you love them and celebrate the presence of one another in your life. Send wonderful cards on Brothers & Sisters Day and don’t let any distance come between the relationships. Let’s remember the nostalgia of growing up, those fights of Love and the fun times you shared. I surely have enough reasons to be happy now! Have a Happy Brothers & Sisters Day!

Yet another week full of love and happiness! I’ll take this opportunity to thank you, our wonderful users and try giving your happiness meter a raise. You help us make the world a happier and a better place.

Get Happy Week
May 1- May 7, 2014

Send Get Happy Week Ecard!
Send Get Happy Week Ecard!

May Day
May 1,2014

Send May Day Ecard!
Send May Day Ecard!

Brothers & Sisters Day
May 2, 2014

Send Brothers & Sisters Day Ecard!
Send Brothers & Sisters Day Ecard!

One thought on “More Reasons To Be Happy!

  1. B., Yeh, c’mon get happy… Flowers are blooming. Birds are singing. Trees are blossoming. Live it up, it’s spring.

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