Love Will Find A Way

At the traditional summer fair in Brooklyn, I caught sight of Rick. His wide grin told me everything – he had won the neighborhood’s car-race challenge! We hurried to our favorite spot to celebrate his epic win!

As we sat down and got comfortable, Rick mused, “Everyone seems to be settling down these days,” he said. “Married,having kids and the whole picket fence thing in the suburbs. I wonder if I missed the turn, Bob.”

“Rick,” I said, “Love can come at any age. Some find it early, others later, like me. Each person has a unique timeline and varying priorities at different stages in life.”

Rick nodded slowly. “You’re right Bob. But recently, my priorities have changed I feel. I sometimes wish I had someone to share a sunset over the Brooklyn Bridge with, you know. But where do I start?”

“Rick,” I said, “love is not a race with a start and finish line. Take Aaliyah and me for instance. Our love grew naturally and not through a forced timeline. We had similar values and goals, and that’s how we gradually found love. Unexpectedly but wonderfully!”

Rick nodded slowly. “I understand now, Bob,” he said. “Love is a gradual process. But is there something I can do to form such meaningful connections, like the one you found with Aaliyah?”

“Yes, here are a few things that you can do.” I said. “You should try meeting new people, coming out of your zone and believing that you deserve the love you desire. If you feel a real connection with someone, go for it, put in the effort, and make it a priority. Meanwhile, focus on improving yourself to attract the kind of person you’d love to have as a partner!”

“Thanks Bob! That was really helpful! You’re my best cheerleader.” Rick chuckled before adding, “Speaking of which, where’s my celebratory hug?” We shared a tight bear hug. It was a perfect way to kick off hug week!

As I walked back home that evening, I thought about how, like Rick, many of us get discouraged because we don’t meet some imaginary timeline we’ve been led to believe. But the truth is, love doesn’t follow a timeline. Nurture meaningful connections, improve yourself, pursue your passions, and love will find its way naturally. Much like how a well-tended garden attracts butterflies effortlessly, you’ll attract the love and happiness you desire. So, tend to your garden, and let love flutter in naturally!

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