Love Makes the World Go Round!

The month of February is truly a month of expressing love and romance. And it’s not just limited to saying, “Happy Valentine’s Day”. Check out what this month of love and romance will bring.

We have a weeklong celebration of love, starting with Rose Day on February 7th and Smile Day on February 8th. It’s a beautiful opportunity to send a rose and send a smile just to say, “I love you” to the people closest in your heart.

To send even more smiles and love around the world, we are greeted with Chocolate Day and Teddy Bear Day on February 9th and 10th respectively. So if you were a bit shy to send a rose to someone, you can still express your love and make them smile with a sweet chocolate e-card or a cute Teddy Bear love and hugs!

Last but not least, love just overflows in the three days leading up to Valentine’s Day, with Promise Day, Hug Day and Kiss Day coming your way on the 11th, 12th and 13th of February.

What could be better than making your loved ones feel even more special by professing your promise of love, sending loving kisses, and showing you care with a big warm hug?

With so much love to share around the world, it’s no surprise that love can make the world go round!

Rose Day
February 7, 2014

Send Rose Day Ecard!
Send Rose Day Ecard!

Smile Day
February 8,2014

Send Smile Day Ecard!
Send Smile Day Ecard!

Teddy Bear Day
February 10, 2014

Send Teddy Bear Day Ecard!
Send Teddy Bear Day Ecard!

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