Little Is Needed For A Happy Life!

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.”- Marcus Aurelius

I was sitting in a cafeteria in the busy street in Madison Square observing people and sipping my Americano with my open journal staring at me waiting to be etched with my thoughts, feelings and reflections.

I noticed the walls of the cafeteria were painted with quotes of positivity and optimism boosting the one who is down in dumps to take action or ride over the wave.

Is the idea of just being happy enough? Does positive thinking only help in giving you moments of happiness?

I see many people hide in the bubble of this hyper positivity wave that is going on around the globe. They start suppressing negative feelings in the ho-hum of positive words and affirmations without really understanding them.

Negative emotions are meant to help with survival. It is natural to experience bouts of grim feelings such as fear or disappointment. In difficult situations, you face certain dismal emotions which is nothing but a coping mechanism devised by your mind to keep you safe. Only by completely feeling that emotion you will be able to go beyond it and witness the brighter side of the situation. Never ignore the lessons hidden in the stressful moments of life.

Cultivating a positive attitude doesn’t mean avoiding or running away from your problems. It simply means being courageous enough to face it without letting it deter you in anyway.

To be positive is much more than just being happy and high in life. It is more than smiling or losing your voice in the guffaw. It is in experiencing joy, emotion, contentment and being able to see wider possibilities in life.

To have a happy life only a little is needed. A little acceptance, a little time for friends and folks, a little genuine expressions of love, a little optimism and a little mindfulness.

Once you adorn the positive vibe you become the most sought after person in your circle. Positive vibe must not be confused with faking an attitude of positivity it is something that becomes you. Your presence itself becomes so magnetic that people are drawn towards you. One has to work from the inside out and not the other way round.

May you have an inspiring and positive week ahead! Cheers!

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