When Life Becomes Too Much To Bear!

When you realize there is nothing lacking,
the whole world belongs to you.”
~ Taoist Proverb

In the day and age when roadways are congested, traffic jams are a common scenario, meeting deadlines at any cost is the corporate chant, emotions have taken a backseat and love is lost in the mayhem I often feel the need to getaway.

On one Wednesday when life became too much to bear and I was overwhelmed and I took off in the middle of the day when sun was high up in the sky. I decided to go to the National Park and the daytime was favorable to avoid the large crowd which would allow me the freedom to wander about.

There was a chill in the receding spring air but the surroundings were silent with only the swirling sound of the wind passing my ears. The green grass beneath my feet felt as if I was walking on nature’s carpet. The distant sound of birds gave me comfort knowing life was all around me.

I kept walking in search of solace and I discovered a pathway through the rocky boulders where I noticed a lone chair and table. I realized there are others like me who traverse the paths to pause and reflect, to recapitulate the meaning of life, to rejuvenate and absorb the freshness of the natural environment which has an alchemical healing inherent in its womb. I took a seat and while the coolness of the air enveloped me, I took a sigh of breath and released all my worries.

All the built-up tension dissipated and perhaps it was just my imagination but the bothersome things seem to feel so much lighter. I could think with clarity of purpose. I felt a connection with the ambience around me. I experienced the spiritual union with an unseen force that watches over all that transpires as life moves forward.

I felt pure love which was devoid of any object. This love was so blissful that it conquered my mind’s traps and illusions. I was free.

The moment alone viewing the majestic beauty of not only this National Park but of the entire world in my mind, invigorated me. After several hours of being alone with my thoughts and nature I stood up with inner strength and cheerfulness and headed out of the park ready to face the world one more time.


World Environment Day!
June 5, 2016
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Love Conquers All Day!
June 3, 2016
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Hug Your Cat Day!
June 4, 2016
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