It’s Spring, Let’s Start Afresh!

Butterflies fluttering, flowers blooming and birds chirping, spring is here! NYC is fused with renewed energy. Aaliyah and Rachael were deciding on the next place for our vacation. I was making ‘mint julep’ especially to mark the beginning of this season. Liz was reading a book. She stopped reading and looked at me.

“What? You want to say something?” I asked. She came up to me. “It’s been months that I didn’t visit our parents. Juggling both home and work has kept me so busy that I can hardly take out time for them. I don’t feel good about it,” she expressed.

“Then why don’t you go spend some time with them this weekend? Or have them over maybe?” I suggested. “Yes, I can do that but I’m not talking about just that. I feel very guilty that I haven’t been as attentive as I should have been. I feel that I had taken their presence for granted. My care and concern stayed restricted to regular phone calls only,” she said.

“You’re feeling bad, I understand but it will not help. Whatever you couldn’t do for them before, just do it now!” I said. “I should have been more responsible and more giving all these years,” she expressed.

It’s never too late to start something. Spring symbolizes a new beginning. The time to plant a new seed of thought and nurture it. It’s time to overcome all the negative emotions that hold us back. She had to understand this.

“Liz, there is no point thinking of the past and feeling bad. That’s gone! You did whatever was possible for you back then! Unless you get over this feeling, you will not be able to do better for them at present. Since you have seen where you have been inadequate all along, do your best now!” I said.

“You’re right! I can start afresh with my responsibilities towards them now!” she replied. “Yes! That should be your spirit!

Meanwhile, Aaliyah and Rachael came in to talk about our vacation! We all indulged in the ‘mint julep’ that I had made along with some Choco chip brownies.

What’s gone is gone! The days are not coming back again. So why waste time brooding over our past mistakes? We can take action whenever we realize it. Come out of that limbo. Whether it’s being there for someone, or mending old relationships or embarking on an old journey that was left midway, don’t stop yourself. No room for any more hesitations! Don’t feel guilty either! Start afresh and enjoy the springtime tease!

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