I’m Temporarily Insane. Are You?

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

The day of love was celebrated all around the world and in my neighborhood. It was a fun day and I am sure you would have had a great time connecting with your love on the cupid day. It was a moment of truth when I saw couples walk hand in hand with color in the cheeks and a twinkle in the eye. First love and at a tender age is a beautiful sight. So went the day that made everyone happy. Well, we have to wait another year, but then here with us, there is always a reason to celebrate. Let’s take a stroll and visit the events and emotions of this week…

Temporary Insanity Day [Feb 19]

Call your boss at work and tell him that today is Sunday. Text your friends that you don’t know who they are and was wondering what their numbers were doing on your phone. Call up your beloved and tell her if she knew the time of the day?

And when all the frantic calls start coming through, send out our greeting cards made especially for the day.

When they confront you, laugh out loud and tell them that it is good to go temporarily insane albeit for this day and have as much as you can.

There is fun to be had, when you tend to forget some.

Banana Bread Day [Feb 23]

Are your friends and well wishers mad at you for pulling a prank like that?

Well, treat them with banana bread and make their day sweeter. There would be no complaints any more. They would in fact, be all smiles and wish you well.

Yes, that is the magic of banana bread and we know that. Therefore, a day dedicated to this sweet bread. Send out a few cards to commemorate such a day and then if possible, get some bread and share it around.

It is worth it to bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

Everyday Cards

There are days and days and then there is every day. This is the day that comes every single day and it is a package that is closed. You never know what it will bring, but for sure it will be eventful. Whatever is celebrated happens on this day. Anything can happen, but this day is the only constant. You will have to wake up to a new one every day and that is the beauty of this day.

It never gets old even though it dies one day and starts afresh another.

A lesson for life this one is. Live, win, lose, but wake up and fight another day.


If nature wrote a poem then it would look like a garden. And a garden wouldn’t be what it is if not for the flowers that punctuate it. No love in this world bloomed without a flower being exchanged. No one celebrated anything without flowers being gifted. No one got buried without flowers being laid.

No one can resist a smile of a budding rose and no one can close their eyes to a bunch of flowers with dew drops on it.

It is beauty at its zenith and we have them on our greeting cards. Send them out and make someone smile.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Banana Bread Day 2016 [Feb 23]

Send Banana Bread Day Greetings!
Send Banana Bread Day Greetings!

Everyday Cards

Send Everyday Cards Greetings!
Send Everyday Cards Greetings!


Send Flowers Greetings!
Send Flowers Greetings!

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  1. B., Gardening brings you close to the Earth and when there a person finds how incredible the Earth really is. From the soil life becomes full… It is a miracle.

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