Higher Hopes And Wider Smiles On This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is here and that’s making me miss my dad a little more. I had a plan to visit him this year but I couldn’t. Yesterday, I decided to go through some albums while having mojito. A message popped. ‘Your order has been delivered!’ Yes! So finally dad got his gift.

I was eagerly waiting for his call. I wanted to know if he liked it or not. Ever since dad lost his clear vision, he has started misplacing things. Last year he had lost his tan brown watch. Mom tried to find it, but she couldn’t. He loved wearing that! I gifted him a similar one this time.

My phone rang! It was dad. “Bob, I can’t wait to wear it and go out! I love it!” He expressed.

“I am so happy that you liked it! I miss you, dad! I wish we all could be together right now. I am waiting for the situation to get a little better. Then, I’ll come to see you both,” I replied.

“Don’t feel low, Bob! Do you know the watch that you gave me shows something else barring the exact time?” He asked. “What? I don’t know!” I answered.

He paused for a while and said, “It also reminds us that time changes! Easy or hard, it’s never the same. Every passing second takes us in the direction of light and better days! So, these challenging times would pass too! I can’t see well but I have this bizarre thought of having a clear vision someday. Can you believe it? Well, we all must keep that hope alive!”

I was taken aback for a while. Even at this age, he still holds the same grit and sense of humor! And, as usual, his dose of positivity filled me with more strength and hope.

“Yes, this too shall pass! And, then we will be enjoying the evening together with steaks, tacos, and country music! ” I replied.

“Yes, that’s the spirit, Bob!” He replied and then we hung up.

I felt like hugging my dad at that very moment. For then, I simply got the album closer to my chest feeling his presence through each picture that was inside.

We grow up watching our dads win over every challenge! Even when situations looked grim in the beginning, their resilience and ‘never give up’ spirit paved the way for victory in the end. That’s the spirit which we must imbibe and carry on! During tough times, our hopes should be higher and smiles should be wider!

Happy Father’s Day to all the loving dads!


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