Have The Courage To Take That First Step

Last evening Aaliyah and I were enjoying music and wrapping the gifts. “Heartfelt Holiday Wishes – from Bob and Aaliyah,” she wrote in every gift with a personal note in her handwriting. She went, got up to get her rubber band when her eyes fell on the vintage table clock. She looked at it for a long time. I immediately knew how she would be feeling.

This was a gift from her cousin Nancy. Aaliyah and she were very tight but they fell apart and have not been talking for four years now.

She looked at me and said, “I miss Nancy! I miss calling her whenever I return from work or have a brownie while stressing. I miss all our crazy girl talks! I hate the fact that we have drifted apart after that incident!” She expressed.

She brought that clock out and sat down again! I made some coffee for the two of us and sat beside her.

“Aaliyah, look Holidays is the best time to let go of the past and start afresh. Besides, our affection and bond should be stronger than hurtful misunderstandings. We should rise above that! Go call and talk to her!” I suggested.

“Are you crazy? You know how it had all come to a pause. And, she too can make the first move. Why should I?” She said.

“In waiting for the other to make the first move we lose out on the beautiful bonds. It doesn’t matter who made the first move. It only shows that you value what you once had and you want it back! It won’t make you any less!” I said.

She nodded and sipped the hazelnut-flavored coffee. “That’s why I love you so much, Bob. You humble me and always show the way that is not only wise but also what my heart prefers!” She said and gave me a tight hug.

“I am glad that I could make you feel this way!” I replied.

She got up and said, “Now that I have decided to talk to Nancy let me buy her a nice gift and surprise her at her door. This also means some more shopping for us! Get ready! Let’s leave in fifteen!” She said and then went inside to get ready.

Women and their shopping, I tell you! They just need a reason to put it in a way that is convincing. However, I was happy to see that smile on her face. I was happy that Aaliyah was ready to let go of things and take the first step. This requires a lot of courage! I wouldn’t mind accompanying her shopping! After all, to see our loved ones smile is a priceless feeling!

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