Happy Labor Day Weekend from Editor Bob

Hey there!

Happy Labor Day! Hope things are churning out well in your backyard. I can’t believe we’re already at the last BBQ session of the year! There’s some hard news this time around from me. But things are not all bleak as well. You can call it a mixed bag. Read on, you’ll know what I mean…

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  Labor Day Weekend [Aug 30-Sep 1]

There is a major turning point about to happen in the life of one of my closest friends–Kate. Remember she’s dating Jeffrey and thinking of getting engaged at the earliest? Well, so it is. Their parents are scheduled to meet on the Labor Day Weekend. I expressed my happiness to Megan and was already in the mood to celebrate the occasion, taking it for granted that it will be all smooth sailing.

Megan, reasonable and practical that she is, was apprehensive about the parents meet over Labor Day Weekend. She had logic in her words though, as always. She reasoned, “It’s not so easy Bob. Kate’s parents are from Iowa, simple and down to earth. They know nothing of the high society ways that Jeffrey’s parents belong to. They know their land, their farm, don’t you think they will feel awkward should they have to talk about literature or music? Jeffrey’s parents are likely to talk about their life and society. Kate’s parents may feel out of place and that may not work in Kate’s favor. I’m worried.”

“Really Megan, you must be crazy to think such things will come as a divide between true lovers!” was my weak defense. I knew in my heart of hearts that she could be right. I was unwilling to accept it, but that’s because I wanted things to go well. Though the times have changed, these insignificant things sometimes do take up mammoth proportions and block the flow of beautiful things. We are keeping our fingers crossed. Do pray that this lovely love finds its destination.

Do It Day [Sep 3]

There’s more on the Frank and Mrs. Bradley connection. After asking Mrs. Bradley out, Frank was apprehensive about the whole thing. The delay that Mrs. Bradley made in answering his question did nothing to cheer him up. I did see him a couple of times on my way and he was not his usual cheerful self. He looked preoccupied.

Mrs. Bradley was not so sure of the date herself. But after a couple of days of thinking, she decided to just “do it”. So the next day, Mrs. Bradley went to Frank’s shop and when she was checking out her groceries at the check-out counter, she told Frank that she was free the next evening. Frank said that he was going to pick her up. Mrs. Bradley later narrated to me that she had never seen Frank so happy. She also told me that they are planning to go out very soon. Frank is making all the blue-prints ready.

Frank was apprehensive about the dating thing with Mrs. Bradley and Mrs. Bradley took the time to answer to him. But she took a lesson from Frank about just “Doing It” so she went ahead and said “Yes” and they’re out dating!

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  A Really Good Night

Bad news folks! Irina returned from Democratic National Convention and announced that she broke up with her politico boyfriend Richard. I and Adrian were having a little tiff over the dinner menu when someone banged the door. Adrian got it. He half-opened the door and stared. I asked thrice “Who is it?” No answer. I myself got up to check. Standing in the doorway was Irina, slightly puffy eyes, but that didn’t strike us dumb. Gone was her ‘politically-correct’ gowns, she was back to wearing flashy clothes — the old Irina was back!

She came in and sat on the floor, ignoring the couch. Adrian overcame our temporary dumbness first. “What’s the matter?” he blurted somehow, “why don’t you take the couch?” Irina was cool, “I am tired of doing ‘proper’ things. Now I want to do what people don’t expect of me!” Oh yeah, so what’s the deal, I wanted to ask, but kept my facial cavity buttoned up.

We didn’t have to wait for long. Irina heaved a sigh and let the cat out at last. “I broke up with Richard. I don’t fit into his posh circle. I don’t want to. I can’t fake like they can, without batting an eyelid. I tried my best to color myself in his shades, but it won’t work, will it?” So that was it. I didn’t feel she’d want to know I thought very highly of Richard. Especially now. Adrian took over. “Forget it. I see we are all single tonight. Let’s celebrate that! Let’s drink all night and play Dungeons and Dragons!” That was the best part! The drinks came out of the fridge in no time and we settled in for a long night — the best time I had in months. What do you think: people should change for their loved ones? Click here to comment.

Saying Hi to Unexpected Friends

If relationships were food, their aftertastes would never go. That’s what I realized the other day. I was walking to office, cars whizzed past me as my deadlines were recently doing! I had a lot of work to do, I had not written a single line in the previous one and a half days. I was collecting my thoughts, which were scattered like dry leaves. But before I could gather all the pieces, a fresh gust of wind came and scattered them again. Confused? So was I when I saw Laura on the other side of the road.

She had seen me too. Now a hi or hello in these conditions had to be pitch perfect in tone and expression. I didn’t want to be rude, or sound desperate either. I went up to her and said “Hi”. I think I got it correct, because she smiled and tossed a “Hello”. We exchanged a couple of words like, “How have you been, are you enjoying the summer,” etc. It was a bit awkward because we both were caught by surprise and we really didn’t know what was appropriate to say or not say. She said, “Hey, why don’t we catch up for coffee later?” Then she disappeared around the bend. It took me some time to get back to normal again. This is what I could not understand. I was over with this relationship, then why did it rattle me like that? I guess some things do not have an end, they just change directions… I don’t know where it’s going to go this time. Should I call her or should I not? There’s just so many things that are going on.

Keeping to our trend in the last couple of newsletters, this edition’s Zen quote comes from my Facebook friend Nawal Juma of Mombasa, Kenya. It says: “Friendship is the seed of life, sow it well and embrace the joy which lasts more than a lifetime.” A very profound and thought-provoking one Nawal, thanks for sharing this with us. Remember folks, this newsletter is read by a great many people all over the world. I’m really glad to have you guys as friends.

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Peace and love,

Editor, 123Greetings

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71 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day Weekend from Editor Bob

  1. Reguarding changing to fit yourself to someones elses pattern, I do not believe it can be done with integrity…The words of Jesus resound with things like “whitewashed graves” and other unsavory observations. I think we should just be ourselves and if you can’t find someone who fits, you are probably better off single 🙂 I know I am 🙂

  2. Bob, love is about accepting someone exactly as who he or she is, unconditionally. Hoping to change each other almost inevitably leads to grief. I always recommend charting a potential partner before you get serious. It really does help you identify the common ground and the pitfalls. Love is up to you, but a little insight always helps.

  3. Bob,
    I think a person shouldn’t change the way they are unless one is a slob . It is our differences that makes us unique . If everyone was the same I think life in general would be very boring

  4. Having lived with my particular “LOVED ONE” for the last 30 or so years, it gets fuzzy after the first 10 or thereabout, a reasounding NO Flippin way!do I change anything now! Besides my Wife would kick my tail if I did. num 8/28/8

  5. If you change you have removed what caught their attention, and say in effect that what you where was a lie. Who can trust you after that?

  6. How ironic life can be.. I am currently in the same situation; however my best freind/boyfreind would never want me to change.. I do the unexpected he calls me a butterfly that if caged would wither away; and I concur..although the public diplomatic thing is not always, its only when we are in a business atmosfear, so to me I’m not changeing I just act like I’m at work… Curbing my toung and smiling alot.. I’ve known him close to 5 yrs and I know in my heart we are two halfs that make a whole.. If I needed a break from the political stuff.. we could go on vacation.. So I figure we will be taking quite a few every year, just to get away…thanks
    Bright Spirits,

  7. What about compromise in relationships?
    Love is not always so rosy dovy and what makes relationships grow is the ability to go through hardship together, and along the way, that means making compromises and changing – or maybe just adjusting some parts of ourselves. Maybe that part of us that we don’t want to change can actually be bettered. Change is part of life, we should embrace it!

  8. I do not agree with trying to change for anybody. I was in a relationship where I felt like I could not be myself. I hated it, I am usually very vocal and I like to act goofy, with this guy I felt like I shouldn’t say much and I was very boring. He ended up breaking up with me and not telling me why. At first I was heartbroken, but later, I said oh well, I just didn’t feel like I could be myself and that was not good. I am in a relationship now where I am TOTALLY my goofy self and he loves it. Ah, I feel so much better now.

  9. No one can change who they really are for anyone. They may for awhile pretend to fit in but ultimately you have to be who you are and be honest in all your relationships. Love can make you do a lot of crazy things but you have to be true to what you believe and not change your values for anyone.

  10. Compromising over little things is one thing but trying to “fake it” your whole life is another. Be yourself – that’s who you are – be proud of your idiocyncrasies (sp!!) just don’t make them your most obvious element – . Love isn’t about changing – it’s about loving and being loved for being YOU!

  11. No, you shouldn’t change for ANYONE! You are who you are and should be accepted as such and if they don’t accept you they’re not for you. Move on! “just take me as I am or have nothing at all” Mary J. Blige.


  13. Bob,
    I found out (even though I knew) that if you aren’t happy with a person the way they are, don’t expect them to change. They shouldn’t change for you or you for them…that’s what makes a person unique.

  14. BOB,

  15. Happy Labor Day, to you and your friends. To be single is not a curse, enjoy it now with your bodies because once you tie the knot things will be different. Mr or mrs right will demand more attention than you wish to give.Enjoy while you can because it’s going to be a time in your life when you will have to ask for excuse to hang out with your bodies. So long!

  16. I think if you change to please someone else or to fit in with their image of you then you are not being yourself and you will get tired of trying to be someone you are not. So be yourself and let the chips fall where they may. Some situations are not meant to be, so if it doesn’t fit, you must aquit.

  17. I do not believe you should change who you are for a significant other. REASON being, who were they attracted to to begin with??? You or the pretend you? Never change who you are!

  18. You should always be yourself,but be open about things,others might want.Digging the newsletter,always a thing of interest!!Have a Happy Labour Day yourself dude!! Peace KJ []

  19. I don’t think that you should EVER make a dramatic change (your beliefs, your religion, etc) for love. You are who you are and it took you a long time to get there. Relationships can be temporary and what’s the point of changing something that you’re going to change back when that person is gone? It’s okay to let someone “add” something to your life, but when you have to start “subtracting” to be with a person, it’s time to just “thanks, but no thanks”. If you’re willing to be with a person, that means that you are willing to accept that person AS IS.

  20. I would say never try and change a person, you know what you are getting when you are dating
    so if you don’t like it finish
    or if you can’t beat them ,join them,I married a crickiter and a musician,started scoring for his team,and singing in his dance band
    and we have been happily married for 51 years
    think that says it all xxxx

  21. I think people should fall in love with someone for who they are and not for who you think the other person should become. You can’t always change people for either better or worse. If you’re always waiting for someone to change, your relationsip will inevitably fall apart! Besides, if you fall in love with the idea of someone, you’re never really IN love with THAT person!

  22. I agree with all the others, no one should change for another person. If you truly love each other, you will accept the person for who they are and what they bring to the relationship.

  23. It is essentiual that people, regardless of age, sex, skin colour etc., be themselves all the time. Faking it for the sake of “fitting in” is pretty stupid, unless you are a professional actor and are able to convince yourself that this is the right nthing to do on a permanent basis – and you can actually live with it !!

  24. If your partner wants you to change, then he or she doesn’t love the real you. They love the person they want you to be and that’s not you. Find someone that loves and accepts the real you and all your faults. Remember, they have faults too!

  25. NO !! Change should only be for your self, if you change to suit someone else you can never keep it up for long it never lasts and you revert to the old you soon,
    So change only if you are convinced that you really mean it and it will make you a better person

  26. Change for our loved one? Sure in some cases. Say you curse a lot and someone you really love is not comfortable with that language. It would be so worth it to change something unimportant like that to make your loved one happy and eliminate this friction.(both people should make these adjustments not just one) It’s also OK to change serious things like your core beiefs but not because someone else wants you to, only because you have come to a new realization. You will know when you are attempting to change something that should not be changed. You will feel like a fake, you will feel it in your gut.Those are the types of changing for loves sake that you need to run from. And very quickly !!

  27. I don’t believe in changing who you are for another person. However, I do believe there is some compromise or perhaps shared new behaviours when in a relationship. Sometimes you can develop healthier habits or discover a new hobby, but to change your core beliefs, morals, or personality is a no no. Be the best person you can be and be true to yourself! Life’s too short to try to fit into something you’re not or shouldn’t be, just to be with another person, those relationships don’t last very long, and if they do, it’s a daily struggle and strain. Just be your authentic self!

  28. I sent my sister a birthday e-card from your site because we aren’t very close and I didn’t want to call her. When I got the confirmation that said “123Greetings.com is all about touching lives, bridging distances, healing rifts and building bonds” I wanted to cry. Thanks for the cards.

  29. Dear Bob,

    I used to think people were unmoldeable…but I’m currently dating someone who is COMPLETELY different from me in some ways and yet, very similar in essential ways. So, I suppose it depends if the relationship makes you feel healthy and happy or not, which is sometimes difficult to discern if you are in the infatuation stage. I think a healthy relationship is where each partner makes the other feel that they are amazing just the way they are.

    ps. I now look forward to my spam mail because I get your newsletter each week. Thanks for making it more personal and entertaining than any other mass email I’ve ever received! 🙂

  30. Hi, As for your question about changeing in marriage, absolutely. We get married to be holy not happy.. Happiness is just the great byproduct of us learning and learning and learning about us and our mates. We grow , learn to adapt, learn about the other and how to fit into each others lives. Getting married is all about change. But , remember , change is good . It helps us grow. Also, I dont mean change to be bad I mean change to be better. If we dont want to change then we best not get married.

  31. Hi Bob,

    Just wanted to tell you that I love getting my weekly update from you, they always brighten my day. I usually don’t respond to things over the internet but I felt compelled when I read what happened to your friend Irina. I just wanted to say yeh!! for her for not changing herself to be what Richard wanted. A person forgets, when you play charades with your personality, your true self will eventually return. If a person doesn’t like you for who you are then to hell with them. You should always be true to who you are and let others appreciate you for who you are.


  32. You have a GREAT newsletter, Editor Bob. I always enjoy reading what’s happening in your life. My life has taken so many turns through the years but what has remained the same is Who I Am. My 3 sons always say I’m unique. What A Description For A Mom (And Woman). But I AM UNIQUE. I know who I am and I like who I am. Love has come and gone through divorce or death. Changes DO occur in life and you NEED to make some changes to adjust to life’s situations, But NEVER change Who You Are! Be Yourself and Others Will Love You Because Of Who You Are! It’s the only way to have healthy and happy relationships with your family and friends.

  33. When it comes to changing for another person, there’s a phrase that springs to mind…

    No one is worth changing for… And the one who is, won’t want you to change.

    (A minimal adaptation to “No Man Is Worth Your Tears” by Anonymous)

  34. I don’t think you should try to change your core personality but everyone needs improvement. It you have a personality flaw, change it! Also, don’t be afraid to try something new. In this case, she tried the political crowd and didn’t like it. Fine. It was something different, she expanded her horizons, now it’s time to either go back to where she was or try something new.

  35. Love is unconditional, so I think that a person must accept a loved one the way he/she is and try to appreciate him/her. The best thing that could ever happen to a person in life is to have a loved one who is sincere and always shares his/her affection. Love is all about sharing and caring and not about change of personality.

  36. I don’t think you should have to change who you are for another person. Either they love you for who you are or they don’t. You can change your behaviors, like controlling your temper or not being a slob. But if you have to become another person to be in a realationship, you are not going to make yourself unhappy, but the other person as well.

  37. Hi Bob ~

    People shouldn’t change for their loved ones; they should accept them. If you can love who they are (all of them and not just the parts you agree with or like best), then who cares what other people think. If their friends or family don’t appreciate their choice in a mate and they let you go because of that, then they weren’t the one for you. However, if they basically tell people that the person is their choice not matter what, then you’ve got it made!

  38. I say NO!!! When you change who you are for someone other than yourself, you are miserable inside. To be a people-pleaser in the end only hurts the person trying to change for another. Your mate will not respect you deep down inside once he/she sees that you are changing for them and will constantly try to see when you are going to finally say NO MORE! A challenge always makes your partner/mate stay excited about their tomorrows with you and keep your love fresh. A challenge is always the initial spark in a relationship and keeps it new. Always be yourself…

  39. Compromise is one thing, but changing your self… the person one is? First off this should not be attempted and secondly,if so, one would surely fail.
    The first five years of our lives shape who we are and ultimately how we handle situations and approach them. Once those formative years are past then we are who we are. We can , at times, fake it and fake it even for years if we desire to be the perfect person for someone else. A time will come when we realize we are in fact miserable and we alone would have to put the blame on our own shoulders. We chose to change and in turn lost sight of our core being; what makes us who we are. We would become a shell and therefore lose our light for life.
    One cannot ‘change’ for another. One can curb our expressions for ourselves in order to improve ourselves. To compromise is key in a respectful relationship.

  40. I was really touched by the sentence in your recent newsletter “Friendship is a seed of life, sow it well and embrace the joy which lasts more than lifetime” and also let me grab this opportunity to thank you and be grateful to you for helping us to be close to our friends thru your e-cards and messeges which convey our true feelings towards them instantly. Thanks a tonne again.

  41. Hey there Bob!
    If u love someone u just accept him or her for who he or she is.Changing and trying to be what u r not doesnt work most of the time unless I suppose it’s a change for the better, bcos after sometime when the novelty wears off and u show ur true self ur partner might not know u at all.So be true be honest and be urself to have the best of it all.That way U dont cheat urself and others as well.There’ll b lesser disappointment all around.

  42. Bob, I thought I have a good idea on my mind that we should be loved for what we are and could have given you a much longer explanation when I found out that everybody here has the same idea as I have and I’m happy about it. . . so there’s no need for me to elaborate what’s obvious.

    I just would like to tell you then how wonderful your column is, that I’m enjoying it so much and would like to thank you for being there and inspiring me. . .

  43. Change your bad habits..but never change your identity! The person has fallen for “you” if you change that “you” in yourself than you’ll b a differnet person!! We should learn to accept people the way they are

  44. I don’t think people should change, and really I don’t believe they can forever. The real person always comes out in time. I don’t know anyone who can pretend forever. That would be miserable.


  46. I beleive that no one should change themselves to “fit-in” or to be Politically correct.
    If everyone were the same, it would be a very dull world.
    The truth is that we should be comfortable in who we are; if others can’t accept that, thet are very sad people.

  47. I think change can be understood as characterising reality as a whole. That means that everything that exists is subject to change. But this change can be positive or negative. In this context, I would want to submit that positive change in behaviour, conduct, etc is highly encouraged. However, this change that has to do with one altering one personality, faking a different life, being whom one is not and so on, for the sake of one’s loved one(s) is really negative, and should be discouraged. We should always be our real selves, the situation notwithstanding.

  48. Well, everyone seems to agree that it’s important to be yourself.But as a matter of fact, people change themselves a bit(habit or hobby) to fit in with someone they love, not because they are required to do so but because they are willing to, out of love. People try to become perfect and they are learning when they are in love…

  49. If a person really cares about someone they can change small things about themselves that may be bad habits, but shouldn’t change who they are. It will never work for long. Their loved one should like/love them for who they are in reality. This leads to a long and happy relationship for both partners.

  50. Hi there,
    Enjoyed reading your stories. Irina did the right thing. Why be miserable having to play acting all the time. She is right. Many high society people are not genuine. What matters to them is status. Be yourself Irina n do notlet others rule your life.

  51. It may sound naive but where I come from, it’s sort of expected that you change in certain things – behaviors and attitudes – if you want to show that your love is sincere. I don’t mean to say that you become a different person and live in pretense; i only mean that you allow yourself to see who you are through the eyes of the beloved and, if needed change for the better. Love – if real and mature- should have the potential to draw out that which is good and beautiful in us. I believe that no one who has truly loved could remain exactly the same.

  52. Most people would say `No, you shouldn’t change yourself for another person,’ but I think that is greatly dependent on what the change is. For instance, if a person has a self-destructive personality or habit, then change would be not only a good thing but necessary for both parties to have a healthy flow to their relationship. This is also dependent on whether or not change is desired, not by demand but by personal wish.

    I see this as a different from compromise which seems more of what you do when you don’t want to do something.

  53. You should never have to change for someone you love or other wise. If you were real in the begining and they liked you enough to keep you in their life then you should be true to your self and stay the way you are. No one benefits in the relationship when people start trying to be someone or something their not.

  54. Been there, done that! And what a disaster it was! I spent two years trying to be someone else and you can’t do that! The end result is misery and pain. You have to accept who the other is and they must accept you for who you are. That is the only way to be successful in a relationship. The “act” can’t last forever. Eventually you wake up and find you have done a diservice to both of you. The worst part is trying to remember who you really are and then accept responsibility for what your part was in the debacle! Never forget who you are, what you believe in and what is truly important in your life.
    In your friends case: If his parents can’t accept who she is and not who her parents are and where she came from it will be a rough road, but, if they love one another that won’t make a difference. For the most part the “in-laws” won’t be expected to be exactly close friends in the first place. Her parents coming from Iowa probably have their heads screwed on right and tight to begin with and won’t be concerned for anything but their daughter’s happiness. Surely his parents will feel the same being so sophisticated and enlightend.

  55. Dear Editor Bob,

    In this newsletter, you questioned about “should you call Laura or shoudn’t you”, in my opinion, if you do, make sure you write down what you need to say to her, just incase she might have a lot of questions to ask you. you wouldn’t want your friend to stare at you and see you yawning and speechless, would you?

    Happy Labor Day!

    Good luck & keep us readers posted!

  56. Hi
    I read ur stuff off and on. I am from India and from an older generation. When we were getting married (eons ago), we were advised to compromise and adjust to make the marriage work. This, incidentally, was required only of the women. I resented it deeply but fortunately my husband is a cool guy and was not looking for any changes in me.
    Having said that, we have to compromise on many issues to make a life together. No two human beings are alike and to live together means changing oneself to please the partner. I am not talking about the big things- just the small things that would make your spouse. happy.

  57. Hello Bob;
    Irene tried her best to fit for Richard but she saw that during this effort she wasn’t happy. I think she did the correct thing to broke with him. People may change themselves a little for the whom they love but this change is a little as I said. So noone must wait their partner to be as they want. The couples must accept eachother how they are.
    As for you Bob and Laura! Listen to your hearth’s voice. If the voice tells you to call her, then don’t wait.
    Wlth all my love,

  58. Seriously, Unless you’re really unhappy with yourself, or a grammy award winning actor (-tress), pretending to be what you are not wont work, whether it’s to get the guy/girl of your dreams or otherwise. Life is too short, if you find someone, if they’re not happy with who you are and you have to change to fit into their mold and their world, they’re not worth it. Eventually you’ll find that unless you do things their way they’re never happy, and it becomes a labour intensive relationship, ending with you popping prozac or worste, just to keep up. A true love evolves from those who are happy to accept you just the way you are, and vice versa, you both grow together, foibles and all. Then you mold together and create a purpose and harmony, which wouldn’t be the conclusion of a forced union.

  59. I would not like to change my self for others as i love myself and am proud to be me .If some one really loves me he has to love me for what I am and not for what I should be .

  60. Regarding “should you change for your loved ones?” I say it depends what you’re changing. You should never change your personality or style, (unless you find a new one you like better because YOU like it not because someone else does) but if there is a habit your signifigant other doesn’t like, you might make a change for the better.

  61. There is always give and take in a relationship. The two people become better through learning from each other. Sometimes it it interesting to find the two people look more and mroe alike after a while.

  62. Would one change for a mother, father, daughter, son? Changing for a loved one is not necessarily bad, as long as the change does not compromise one’s individual morals and core values. I suppose it’s all in the perception of the feeling associated with such change. If the change is not that big a deal, but important to a loved one, what’s the harm in changing, doesn’t make you less of a person, does it?

  63. Bob,

    I would like to tell you how much i look forward to your emails. I love to here about your life and your friends. Keep up the good work.

    Best Wishes,


  64. hi Bob I love your newsletters keep them coming! take care. also I wanted to ask you to be my friend on Orkut, but I cannot find you on there. Can you send me an invitation or something..please? thanks so much have a great day today. your friend Penny

  65. Howdee Bob,

    today i’m very tired, but happy to be tired. Am i making sense? i guessed not because i’m tired.

    I like your ecards so much, specially the ones that have roses in them, Your ecards inspire me to go buy a cd that has the song called “The Rose” … Since i can’t squick or blink, or wink, oops “sing” I am going to shop for “the Rose” song and will dedicate to my friend on their wedding day as their first dance… The best verse in the song, let’s see if i can remember since i don’t have a very good memory—-yes i remember now – it says–“In the spring became the Rose”…

    So, here i’m still looking for that song for their first dance… …. Were you born yet when the song was written, Bobz? probably! since you’re now 27 (i saw that on your profile) so the song was written in the 80′, i guessed you were already born then.
    anyways, if i can’t find that song in any of the cd i’m going to download…. do you know how to download songs, Bobz?

    take care
    your reader and btw: can i be your pen pal? can i, can i, please funny! please! (well, i can’t call you “pretty please” because you’re not a femaleee, and if i called you handsome, then i would be lying then, wouldn’t i?… so i called you funny because you are funny! at least that i can tell by the way you write. I haven’t met you in real life yet, so i don’t want to sweet talk .. as i’m not as good as you do–(how do i know you’re a sweet talk, because all writers can be sweet as 3 musketteerrr candy!) don’t get offended NOW.. i meant well!…

    well i better go…bye!


  66. hi bob….
    sorry for this late feedback.. but i was having my exams so i cudn’t mail u….
    well… when you luv sumone then i think its right to adjust urself a bit so that u can fit in with him in his lifestyle…. But u shudn’t change urself so much that finally u lose ur own identity…bcoz wat i feel is tht if the person has fallen for u then he has fallen for wat u were… so why change so much that his actual luv is lost….
    thats all…. bye…

  67. I miss your newsletters-I have not gotten one for awhile. I went on i23 greetings so I could pick up last couple.What happened Bob. I find them always interesting. To answer question about change. I believe in the old quote OPPOSITES ATTRACT so if you find someone let them love you for who and what you are or so be it. Eventually the right one will come along.

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