Happy Labor Day To You All!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

No one in their right mind would dare to miss a weekend party hosted by their best friends. Well, I had to miss one this weekend because of ill health. I had eaten wrong all through the week and had to pay for it over the weekend. Taught me a lesson on eating right and Aaliyah had a vindictive moment as she had always urged me to watch what I eat. I never do that. I just gulp and grab whatever is thrown at me. Serves me right! Anyway, now I am feeling quite better and therefore here I am.

Dream Day 2013 [Aug 27]

Limitless. I am talking about dreams. Dreams are the only place and time when we can be whatever we want to be. We can dream up a world for us and be the king and queen of it. We can even be the God Almighty in our dreams. But always note that there is a difference between dreams and fantasy.

Most of us are lost in fantasy. This fantasy rides are good on movie screens and for a momentary bit of creative fun, but dreams are the ones which give fuel to our everyday work. If we don’t dream for a higher position, everlasting love, peace and happiness, we may not even work to achieve it.

Dream big and work towards it. Happy Dream Day!

Labor Day 2013 [Sep 2]

Talking about work, how can I forget talking about the one day that our labor is recognized and celebrated? It is Labor Day folks!

This is a day when we can actually celebrate with gay abandon as it feels rightful and proud. Hard work pays and this day is a prime example of the place it has in the hearts of people and the amount of respect it gets. If you are one of those who strive hard every day to keep your family and yourself live a respectable life, I salute you!

Let us take a moment to congratulate all those who work hard for a living and raise a toast for them.

Happy Labor Day!


I talk about family values all the time. There is a reason why I do that. Even the other day three teenagers ran amok in the streets of our country and killed an athlete who was on his way to jog. The reason why they did this heinous act was that they didn’t have anything better to do and thought it would be fun to kill.

This is where the family values count. If values had been inculcated in their young minds they would never have taken this extreme and deplorable step and four lives could have been saved.

Stay close to your family and learn to be a human being!


Friendships cannot be bought, traded neither can it be sold. Friendships happen over a period of time with mutual trust, love and admiration. My travels with you must have brought me close to you and vice versa. The reason being I genuinely care about you when I write to you and pen my thoughts unfiltered for your digestion.

I care about you as you do for me.

Build friendships that last.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Labor Day 2016 [Sep 5]

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Send Labor Day 2013 Greetings!


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Send Family Greetings!


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Send Friendship Greetings!

One thought on “Happy Labor Day To You All!

  1. B., I am glad to hear you are feeling better. Bad food is a nasty thing. I agree with Aaliyah to watch what you eat. I know it’s difficult at times to not eat any junk food. I have to watch salt. Not good for me. I swell up like a balloon if I eat salty foods. My heart races and I flush (little like being in love…ha!)Perhaps just eat junk food in little bits and give it a schedule. Like treat yourself the last Friday of every month and have a bag of chips or pretzels or a candy bar or ice cream cone. Moderate.
    And I am with you on dreaming. Got to have dreams. Yet, make sure they don;t take over your life. Be realistic about things, as well. And yes, friends. A must on trust with good frinds. Thank you for your friendship and for sharing your stories. Now they are a real treat! Better than any candy bar or bag of chips. love to you, L.

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