Groundhog Day And A Super Sunday Ahead!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

We are on to a beautiful week ahead as usual. No week is uneventful in this year. Do not worry about boredom or simple days. Every single day is going to be meaningful this year. Am I predicting future here? No. It is the way it is supposed to be. In our life of producing greeting cards, everyday has some event or another and if not, there are always myriad of emotions to content with. I am sure, you get the point. We work to deliver happiness and I hope you enjoy receiving it. Here’s this week’s share of joy… Walk along.

Groundhog Day [Feb 2]

Is there a better creature than groundhog? What a creature and what a day?! I love the idea of this tooth-extended sweetness and all over the States; there is a palpable excitement on this day. It is too unabashedly comic to celebrate it, but that’s how we are. We love our fun, don’t we? And on such days, I am reminded of Steve. He does look like a groundhog from time to time especially when he is angry. And to suppress a smile at that moment becomes seriously hard. He wouldn’t understand that though. All in all, a day to smile; what more do you want out of a day?

Super Sunday [Feb 3]

A drink in hand and a good group of like-minded fanatics by the side, television on and you have got your Super Sunday. Wait a minute? Why television? Why not the where the play is? Sure. Both have their set of fun, don’t they? Your buddies and you, wherever you are, the fun is the same. No changing that. The high-pitched shrieks and swears and of course, the gala little dance when the touchline is breached and then the good old brawl.

Sundays are meant to be fun, but Super Sunday is meant to be the most fun day of the week for a while. Make the most of it. Gather some friends by sending a few cards meant for this occasion from our collection.


Seen a cute character walk around the house? Yes, you have. It would be two people if I may guess. One, it has to be the child who doesn’t know right from wrong. Such is the nature of the kid to do everything that we wouldn’t do and we find that funny and cute. They have the license to do anything around the house and we allow them to. And then, there is the pet. The dog can bark and growl. It can wag its tail and threaten. It can raid the fridge, it can wet the floor, it can do all that and more and still manage to look innocent and we would forgive. Know why? They are loyal and yes, cute!


Moment of Zen for the day:

Do what you think you must, but do it this moment… Not today, tomorrow or in the next hour.

Yes. That’s how it has to be done. Do not postpone things that are important until they become urgent. Not fair. Not the way to go about life.

Chores are designed to benefit us and others. Don’t look at them as a burden. Get things done and take a breather. Life is too short to waste time on pondering about not getting things done.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Super Sunday 2016 [Feb 7]

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Send Super Sunday Greetings!

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  1. B., Yes, do it because you never know what tomorrow might bring. The word chore even sounds horrible- how about challenge. Better word starting with a “ch.”
    cha, cha, cha…
    love you,

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