Friends Are The Family We Choose!

It starts in the beginning of school, sitting next to someone in class who has the same exact blue pencil box as you. Then it becomes someone who enjoys doing the same things, or someone you can always call. We all have a friend we love. It’s the perfect week to let them know, they are special to you.

Friendship Festival begins on July 30. Send all your favorite friends some warm wishes or a funny card to show your appreciation to them for standing by you all this time. By letting your friends know you’re thinking of them, it will brighten their day.

Girlfriend’s Day is on August 1. This beautiful day falls on a Friday, sounds like the perfect excuse to have a dinner date and spend the evening catching up with each other on the latest news or trends. Sometimes we become too busy to actually meet up. Don’t let this bring you down, share a card. That person has been a gem of a friend and deserves your sincere recognition.

Don’t stop there! Friendship Day is on August 3, which coincides with Sister’s Day. Perhaps your sister is your best friend, let her know you care by sending a note expressing your heartfelt wishes. Or maybe you’ve lost touch with an old friend and feel like reconnecting. Ease into a beautiful friendship by sending a humorous card. Your friends will get a laugh and you will have something to talk about together.

This is a time to make the special people in your life happy. Hope you have a great week ahead.

Girlfriend’s Day
August 1, 2014

Send Girlfriend’s Day Ecards!
Send Girlfriend’s Day Ecards !

Friendship Day
August 3, 2014

Send Friendship Day Ecard!
Send Friendship Day Ecard!

Sister’s Day
August 3, 2014

Send Sister’s Day Ecard!
Send Sister’s Day Ecard!

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