Flip Open The Lid Of Your Mind!

Over this past month, within an active yoga writing study group, we’ve all been diligently focusing on our given monthly theme of: “Make the Mind Your Friend.” The lessons from these monthly reflections present themselves to us in unexpected and surprising ways.

Of late my daily practice of meditation has been to tune myself into a peaceful mantra recording, while being happily ushered off into the beautiful, mystical inner world, slowly slipping into a deep slumber relaxing the remnants of fatigue and stress of a long day of work.

However, it was on this one unforgettable occasion that I quite abruptly woke up; amidst the gray shadows of full moon and an adrenaline-rushing-tickling-scurry across my back. I, Hamish Clement John Holmes, was instantly on-the-spot convinced it was one mother of a beady-eyed hairy black spider! This is Australia after all, the land quite famous for many bizarre, creepy and dangerous creatures. Fortunately, it was at this precise and most critical fight-or-flight moment that my mind was not entirely against me and it intuitively decided that I must not scare this creature, for then it would more likely wish to bite. So, slowly and gently I rose up to carefully poise myself for a most swift brush-it-off move!!

It was at this very horrified glancing moment I felt I had discovered a pitch-black-hairy-silhouette of an unbelievably gigantic juicy-spider, silently dangling down from a single glistening-strand of its tail-spun-web hanging from my very own shoulder!

I was anticipating and planning my strike which will have it tossing across the room hitting the sidewall causing an instant death but to my shock my dear mind threw light on the part of my hemisphere which reasons and I, fortunately realized that this terrifying spider was actually, simply one of the harmless mp3 player ear plugs humbly hanging down from its cord.

Mmm… Is the “Truth” always stranger than fiction?

Make mind your friend and you will never misunderstand the rope for a snake and even the big hairy black spider would seem fairly harmless!

Hamish C.J. Holmes

I laughed at myself. The mind’s capacity to fool or support us left me in awe. Why then we try to master it or control it and constantly be at war with it? Just befriend it and we are sorted.

Laugh week is coming up so laugh on your blunders, laugh on your past mistakes and move ahead with fun.

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