Feel Happy From Within

Blueberries, peaches, plums- a healthy breakfast for a fresh start to the day! Aaliyah and I are taking care of our diet to stay fit and healthy. “Bob, I want petunia flowers in our balcony. It will add that tinge of bright pink in our little garden. I have been wanting them for so long!” expressed Aaliyah.

“Great! World Environment Day is here! Let us do that soon,” I replied. She gave me a smile and went to the balcony. I went to the mini library in the living room and picked up ‘The Collected Poems by William Wordsworth’. One of my favorite poets of all time! His poems talk about the magnificence of nature and its impact on us. Nature has often been an inspiration to great poets, artists and creators across the centuries.

I selected ‘Tintern Abbey’ and read it. Once I finished, I started to reflect. A fond memory crept in! In SoCal, grandpa and dad had this Sunday ritual of planting a new plant in our garden. This gave all of us immense joy. After days of watering when the bud finally came out, Liz would always come up running to me and say, “Bob, come out and see! The bud is out!” Then I would go running to see it. The joy of seeing something that you nurture finally grow is priceless!

Just like how we take care of nature, it also takes care of us. The blue sky, the white cotton clouds, the green leaves, the swinging trees, the colorful flowers, the fluttering butterflies seem like a mesmerizing painting. Absorbed in its beauty, one finds solace and tranquility. It helps to connect to our inner selves better.

A teacher, healer, nurturer-Mother Nature always restores us with positivity. Our pleasant feelings multiply. It fills our hearts with joy and optimism. We start throbbing with vitality!

Do it for yourself and see! If you feel upset, go and breathe in the fragrance of the flower in your garden or the seasonal fruits on the table. See how immediately it uplifts your mood!

Spend more time in nature and see how happy you feel from within!

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