Don’t Smoke, But Drink the Green…

My Dear Sisters, Brothers and Friends,

Life is full of ironies isn’t it?

Even this week would prove jus’ that. There is a day that is dedicated to anti-smoking and then there is a festival that gets its revelers indulge in binge green beer drinking :)

Well, both the days are good. And I will urge you to observe one and celebrate the other.

No Smoking Day [Mar 14]

Do not smoke. Period.

It is jus’ not worth it. Make a vow to someone – a person dear or near to you and quit the cancer stick. Spread the awareness. Movies have glamorized the habit and habitual smokers have made it look harmless. Reality is that it is a dangerous habit and can even kill. Your lung looks like a chimney in the kitchen. Your stamina will take a beating sooner or later.

You may not walk a few steps without panting and you wouldn’t be able to do that dancing you love without huffing and puffing all over the dance floor.

When you feel the urge to smoke, think of how fit you will be and how happy your dear ones will be if you don’t light the cigarette. Think of the one that would give you more happiness.


St. Patrick’s Day 2016 [Mar 17]

Send St. Patrick’s Day Greetings!

Send St. Patrick’s Day Greetings!


Send Love Greetings!

Send Love Greetings!


Send Friendship Greetings!

Send Friendship Greetings!

St. Patrick’s Day [Mar 17]

Drink the green beer, make merry and spread some love. Philosophy of the festival and you better live by it on this day. I remember the days when my good ol’ Irish friends took me on a day long binge and fun and frolic on this day.

Wouldn’t forget the dancing and the revelry. Wouldn’t forget the memories either.

Wear the shamrock, paint yourself green, turn groovy and get along your dear and near ones and have a party.

A day to have fun and you should have one.

Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day as it should be enjoyed.


Whatever be the day, whatever be the occasion, whatever be the date and whatever be the time – Aaliyah needs to be taken care of. Well, she demanded that. She wanted to know if I remembered her when I was out alone having fun and she wanted to know whether she was in my thoughts when there was a crazy sad moment in the office.

She wants to be there for me when my mind is crowded with sadness and happiness.

Now, you know why I love her, right?

What would I do without her?!


I can say almost the same about Steve and Megan too.

These guys plan the most beautiful trips when I am down. We go backpacking and I end up with a smile forgetting all gloominess. I am happy because of them.

And I am never sad because of them.

Whatever they do… They don’t hurt me.

That’s a tough job to do when you are around someone 24×7.

Maybe that’s why they are called friends.

And I am lucky to have them in my life.

I can tell that you guys have good friends and a caring partner in your life. Make the most out of your life by being with them when you need them the most and being there for them when they need you the most.

Take care,

Editor Bob

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