Do Not Mind!

There is no great genius without some touch of madness. ~Aristotle

Rounds of snow followed by coldest air of the winter during the Valentine’s Day weekend left the city little bleary, we can’t just blame the little monster Cupid now, can we? We are all dazed in this moment and the reason is not just, love.

Winter is the time when the gray outside dulls the light within too unless you survive like the little boy in an Ethiopian folktale, who stood on the mountain top exposed to the biting wind without clothes, shelter or fire, he only survived by gazing at the blazing fire lit up by his friend on a flat rock across the valley. The warmth of love and faith in his friend and the power of his mind alone helped him to face the challenges. So friends we do not have to mind the external situation but keep our mind focused always on hope, happiness and friendship.

I remember the days when me and my friends would bring the house down with our chortles and jokes. We play an amazing game to lift our spirits and see a painful situation in a different light. We have to narrate an incident which hurts us in a funny manner and that really takes the sting away from it. Be it a breakup or a nasty neighbor situation, this always worked. We just allowed ourselves to go insane.

Temporary Insanity Day!
Feb 19, 2016
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Love Your Pet Day!
Feb 20, 2016
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International Friendship Week !
Feb 21-27, 2016
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It was my turn and I had just lost a significant amount of my investment in stock exchange which left me perturbed. When I started, I really didn’t know how would I ever be able to take this loss of my hard earned savings in good humor, but well with the support of the insane bunch of friends I was able to laugh at my miscalculations and recognize the lessons. The ability to laugh at yourself lets your ego disappear. I felt much lighter and regained my lost hope along with the newly gained wisdom. Burning out, fretting over or stressing on something fogs our understanding whereas laughing over it and looking at the scenario with a new perspective eases it out.

Coming week is the International Friendship Week. So rejoice in the warmth of this sweet relationship. Remember to pack in a lot of fun moments. Know that the best way to deal with anything is to laugh and take the sting away from it. Laugh at your failures, setbacks, laugh at your absurdities and bounce forward.

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