Do It Only When You Are Ready!

It was 3 in the afternoon. I was working and Aaliyah was giving a belly rub to Kong. She made strong black coffee for me to keep me energized. The doorbell rang. Aaliyah got up and opened the door. It was Donna.

“Hi Bob and Aaliyah, there is a thing that is constantly bothering me. There has been a recent development and I wanted to talk to you both!” She said.

“You did the right thing! We are all ears!” Replied Aaliyah.

Donna looked very perturbed. I gave her water and Aaliyah sat beside her.

“What happened? Why do you look so worried?” I asked.

“Bob as you know I had been exploring people for companionship. I met a few but it clicked with someone and we are close now. His name is Larry and he likes me. I like him too! It has been three months now! He wants me to move in with him. I don’t want to offend him but I think it’s too early for that,” She said.

“Donna, I understand that you both are into each other. However, it’s quite natural for you to feel this way as it is a big step. So, unless both of you are on the same page, don’t move in together. Take your time and don’t rush,” I replied.

“Do you think he will understand?” She asked.

“He will understand if you let him know how you are feeling! Your happiness and comfort will matter to him,” replied Aaliyah.

“Move in only when you are ready! Not because he wants to or you have to! That way you will be true to both yourself and him. Now here have some nut-filled fruit cake that Aaliyah has made on the occasion of National Nut Day and relax!” I said. She took a bite.

“Thank you so much, you both! I feel so much better after discussing it with you guys. I will tell him how I feel and see how he reacts!” Saying this she left for meeting him.

There arises situations when things start happening too soon. Though we feel happy yet we don’t feel quite ready. We hesitate to do what feels right as we fear being misunderstood or missing out. Never give in to any external pressure and make yourself uncomfortable. Your heart knows it all and you will know when it feels right! Do it only when you are ready!


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